Caution: Prom Crossing at Belmont High School Friday Afternoon

Photo: Last year’s prom.

The annual Great Transformation occurs this afternoon, Friday on the ides of May.

To the surprise – if not down right shock – of most adults in town, a number of Belmont High School students, who seemingly live in sports gear, sweats, and shorts no matter the weather or temperature, are altered in a Kafka-esque refiguring into sparkling figures of high fashion (tuxes and gowns of all lengths and colors with the occasional sari and kilts thrown in) and – hopefully – good taste.

Yes, it’s prom night in Belmont. 

What is becoming a great annual community event will begin at approximately 4 p.m. as the students  attending this year’s Belmont High School Senior/Junior Prom begin lining up for the Promenade, in which those high schoolers are “presented” before a frenzy of fawning parents, siblings, friends and the public in the Belmont High School auditorium.

The students will then head into the cafeteria (for the “once over” by school officials) before boarding buses to take them to some ritzy hotel for a night of dancing and having fun.

For seniors, it is the last full day of school in the Belmont school district.

By Saturday morning, the young men and women will revert to their normal state. 

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