Belmont World Film Proves ‘Streaking’ Is Alive And Well In Switzerland

Photo: Streaker

A high school teacher bets his school’s athletic field money on a fixed soccer match to raise money to build a museum celebrating his favorite Swiss poet Gottfried Keller, only to see his scheme crash when the winning goal was stopped by a streaker on the field.

In his attempt to get back the school’s money and still build his museum, the teacher decides to take bets on how long a streaker can stay on the field. The more bets he takes, the more streakers he needs to recruit and train. Soon, the entire Swiss soccer league is turned upside down awash in streakers!

“Streaker” (“Flitzer”) will have its East Coast premiere tonight, Monday, April 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the Belmont World Film 17th annual International Film Series at Belmont’s Studio Cinema, 376 Trapelo Rd. The 2017 feature is in Swiss German and German with English subtitles.


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