Belmont Selectmen Approve Raises for Non-Union Workers

At their Monday, July 21 meeting, the Belmont Board of Selectmen approved a two percent cost of living raise for the 55 town employees not represented by unions.

The vote came after the board meet with Diane Crimmins, the town’s Human Resources Director, in executive session before the night’s meeting.

The action will impact employees such as parking control officers, budget analysts, administrative assistants and the library director, said Crimmins.

“I put in a request for these employees for a cost of living increase each year and I’m happy that [the board] approved it,” Crimmins told the Belmontonian.

“We need to stay current with what comparable towns are paying their employees so we can recruit the talent the town needs,” said Crimmins, who said she calculates the percentage increase after doing research of other┬ámunicipalities along with┬áthe consumer-price index.

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