Belmont Schools Open During Friday’s Dangerous Freeze; Library Open Weekend As Warming Area

Photo: National Weather Service low temperature chart for Friday

Belmont Public Schools will be open on Friday, Feb. 3, while weather forecasts are indicating a period of very cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills over the next 48 hours, according to the Town of Belmont website.

“The town’s Facilities Department is assessing each school building and will keep the heat settings at a higher temperature overnight for [Friday]’s arrival to school and over the weekend,” read a press release from the Belmont School District.

“In addition, the district has reached out to the bus company to confirm buses are winterized. Drivers will report early to ensure buses start and are warmed up for a timely student pick up,” according to the release.

The National Weather Service issued an updated forecast:

  • Dangerous wind chills with temperatures as low as -30F starting early Friday through Saturday, Feb. 4 across southern New England.
  • Isolated power outages possible due to strong winds.
  • A few snow squalls are possible late Thursday into early Friday, but “we are not sure if they will hold together as they move in,” said the NWS press release.

The Belmont Public Library at 336 Concord Ave. will have regular hours on Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for anyone looking for a place to warm up.

“We encourage everyone to stay sheltered from this dangerous weather,” the town press release advises. “If venturing outside during this weather event, please dress appropriately and protect exposed skin from the cold and wind. We ask you to check on elderly friends and neighbors, and others who may need assistance, during this period of extreme cold.”

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