Belmont High Athletes Honored For Assisting Chenery Runner to Compete

Photo: A representative of the MIAA with (not in order) Danielle Baiany, Reagan Haight and Jenna Magno and Natalie Peterson last week. 

A quartet of Belmont High athletes was honored by the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association for allowing a visually impaired Chenery Middle School runner to compete in her sport this fall.

Seniors Danielle Baiany, Reagan Haight and Jenna Magno and junior Natalie Peterson were recognized with the MIAA Educational Athletics Achievement Award for Community Service and Leadership at last week’s Pep Rally.

The four worked together to support a 7th-grade runner so she could not just participate in the races but to practice with her peers, making themselves available so she could be a member of the team. The high schoolers would talk to the runner and help her navigate courses that were more tactical and challenging for a runner with limited vision.

“They embraced the opportunity and had been a reliable support so that the athlete has been able to participate … without hindrances,” noted the MIAA.

“These four student-athletes are models of how their service not only impacts the individual they are supporting and their community but also benefits them as well.”

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  1. Teri Williams Valentine says

    This is a wonderful act and I really appreciate your sharing this story. This life is all about what we can do for one another. These girls, and the young athlete, are amazing.

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