Belmont Fire Log: Fire at the Chenery, Lightning Strike Fries Outlet

Possible lightning strike uses lawn to get inside

Sept. 7 – At a quarter ’til 11 a.m., a resident who was returning from vacation to his Plymouth Avenue house discovered charring to an electrical outlet and the adjacent sprinkler control unit in basement. Firefighters told the man the charring pattern suggests the damage may have been result of electrical storm and a “surge” that likely entered the home through the sprinkler equipment wiring. The homeowner was advised to keep the power “off” at the breaker to the sprinkler and the outlet until a licensed electrician could inspect damage.

Stuck in the elevator

Sept. 11 – For the second time in a week, a person had to be sprung from a stalled elevator. This time it occurred just after 2 p.m. in a Leonard Street office building.

Chenery fire put out quickly 
Sept. 12 – Just before the end of the school day at Chenery Middle School, about 5 past 2 p.m., the fire alarm rang throughout the building. A fire was quickly discovered in a third-floor boys bathroom when it was put out by staff. The entire Belmont company – Engine 1 and 2, the Ladder truck and Rescue 1 – rushed to the building at the corner of Washington and Oakley. Fire personnel found a heavy smoke condition present and began ventilating the area. Belmont Fire notify the Fire Investigation Unit. With fire and police at the school, the parking lot closed and parents already on their way to pick up their children, it was a crowded scene.
Kitchen nightmare

Sept. 13 – At a quarter ’till 8 p.m. a Claflin Street resident reported smoke in the building, possibly coming from a fire in an electrical outlet. The Engine 2 crew investigated and found a shorted receptacle in the kitchen. The power was shut down and the owner advised to contact an electrician.

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