Belmont Fire Log: A Pair of Incidents Where You Could Have Used Too Many Cooks

Not on the menu
Nov. 10 – A few minutes past 5 p.m., workers at a restaurant on Belmont Street called the Fire Department for a little bit of assistance; the water pump in the establishment’s basement shut down causing sewage to back up in the eatery. The owner told fire personnel he had a similar issue with the pumps in the past. Lucky for everyone, there was no water “or other associated issues” in the basement as the town’s Highway Division of the DPW was called to respond.
Up in smoke
Nov. 12 – A few minutes after 11 a.m., Engine 1 and Ladder 1 took off towards Lexington and Trapelo for a reported motor vehicle fire. Once they arrived, fire crews found a hot and smoldering vehicle owned by the company doing the paving work along Trapelo. Luckily, the driver and passengers go out of the vehicle on their own and a member of the police force extinguished the fire prior to the BFD’s arrival. Engine 1 personnel used a water extinguisher to cool off the remaining hot spots in the engine compartment and under the dashboard.

No burning around the house

Nov. 14 – A bit past 8 a.m., Engine 1 was sent to a Moraine Street house for a reported fire against the building. The crew discovered a contractor burning wood in a barrel. He was told to put it out.

Very, very, very well done

Nov. 15 – A quarter past 6 p.m., the entire Belmont Fire company was sent to an apartment building at the corner of Trapelo and Mill Street for a reported smoke and possible fire. There was, in fact, a fire but it was restricted to a tenant’s failed attempt to cook dinner.

A neighborly gesture

Nov. 15 – At half past 7 p.m., a fire crew was sent to a house on Walnut Street after the homeowner locked themselves out. Happily, a neighbor had a second set of keys so there was no need to climb ladders or break a window.

Almost famous last words: “Let’s go out to eat instead”

Nov. 15 – At a quarter ’til 9 p.m., all companies were dispatched to a two-family on Lewis Road after a call came in of smoke in the structure. Sure enough, the Engine 1 crew found heavy smoke on the first floor with several alarms sounding. Knocking in the front door, they quickly located the smokey source; the remanent of a dinner on the stovetop. Apparently, someone forgot the first rule of cooking; remember that you’re cooking something. The stovetop was shut down, the burnt pots removed from the building and Ladder 1 and Rescue 1 ventilated the place with two big exhaust fans. Then guess who showed up? Our forgetful tenant! Tom was told to notify the landlord about that broken front door.

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