Belmont Boosters Plus Belmont Savings Brings In $27K (So Far) On ‘B’ Drive

Photo: “B” Drive: Boosters annual fundraiser.

Going out in teams and pairs, Belmont High athletes took the town for the annual Belmont Booster’s “B” Drive on Sunday, Oct. 14.

And according to Larry Christofori, Boosters president, this year’s fundraiser generated approximately $19,500, which compares favorably to last year’s total of about $17,500. The amount reached allowed the group to achieve a full $7,500 “match-fund” from the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation, making the total for the one day event to $27,000. 

Also, Christofori said the historically the Boosters can expect to generate another $4,000-5,000 in mail-in donations, putting the total somewhere in the neighborhood of $32,000.

“Thanks so much to all of you for your help and  who ran an incredibly efficient and tight ship in leading this effort for the Boosters,” said Christofori.

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