Cheese, Olive Oil, and Now Beer and Wine at Art’s Specialities

Photo: Art’s Specialities on Trapelo Road. In the past year-and-a-half, those seeking a beer and wine license could expect coming before the Board of Selectmen multiple times, spending a great deal of time discussing business plans and legal matters. So it was something of a nice surprise when the owners of Art’s Specialities, the food market on Trapelo Road […]

Town Green Supporters Ponder Special TM After Raucous Selectmen Standoff

Photo: Belmont Center Reconstruction project.  [Correction: The latest date for a Town Meeting to take place if 200 signatures were submitted to the Town Clerk’s office on Friday, June 26, would be Aug. 10.] It’s been some time since the Belmont Police has been called to a public meeting. But a man in blue stood outside Town Hall’s Board of […]

Cool and Dark: Belmont High’s New Court Design Unveiled

Photo: The new basketball/volleyball court at Belmont High School will be ready for the volleyball season in September.  Stone gray and midnight blue will color the new varsity court at the Wenner Field House as Belmont Athletic Director Jim Davis unveiled the new design to the School Committee at the final committee meeting of the […]

Severe Thunderstorms, Damaging Winds During Afternoon Rush Home

Photo: “Running Before the Storm,” (c. 1870s) Unknown artist, in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. A rash of severe thunderstorms accompanied by potentially damaging winds is “likely” to pass through Belmont and most of eastern Massachusetts just before and during the evening rush hour, Tuesday, June 23, according to the National Weather Service.  […]

Arrivals, Departures and ‘Great Urgency’ to Solar Power Debate

Photo: Solar power in Belmont. Last Tuesday’s meeting of the Municipal Light Board resembled Terminal A at Logan Airport: a place for arrivals and departures all in the same place. Landing into the contentious debate to create a long-term solar power policy for the town-owned utility Belmont Light, the Light Board (which consists of the […]

Letter to the Editor: Fact Checking the Belmont Center ‘Bait and Switch’

To the editor: A lot of ink, digital and otherwise, has recently been spent asserting that the Belmont Center Reconstruction project has been usurped by a small “faction” of influential residents, pulling a “bait and switch” on Town Meeting, and undermining the democratic process in town. The only recourse, it is claimed, is to force the […]

A Little Rain Equals Fast Times At Brendan’s Home Run 5K

Photo: Nine-year-old Gillian Palmer runs across the finish line with David Palmer in 35 minutes and 50 seconds in the 14th annual Brendan’s Home Run 5K. While the steady warm rain may have kept the total number of runners at the 14th annual Brandan’s Home Run 5K race down from previous years – 301 runners finished the […]

Trapelo Road Cheese Shop Seeking Beer/Wine License

Photo: Co-owners Jen Bonislawski and Artur Nergaryan of Art’s Specialities on Trapelo Road. Artur Nergaryan said his customers – from first-timers to his regulars – keep asking him the same question. “People will go around and pick up a salami, some cheese and bread and then ask, ‘Where’s your wine?’” said Nergaryan, the co-owner with his wife, Jen Bonislawski, of Art’s Specialities at 369 Trapelo […]

This Week: Meetings Before Summer, Final Day of School, Housing Lottery

On the government side of “This Week”:  The Belmont School Committee will meet at 6:15 p.m., Monday, June 22, at the Chenery Middle School. A crowd is expected.  The Belmont Light Board will meet at Belmont Town Hall on Monday, June 22, at 6:30 p.m. to discuss net metering and the a buyback tariff.  The […]