Location, Location: When Temps Hit 100, Lemonade Stands Out By The Pool

Photo: It’s where you place your business that counts in the lemonade trade.

When temperatures in Belmont reached triple digits on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 14, what better place to be than the Underwood Pool?

And a pair of entrepreneurial brothers thought, what better place to make a few dollars on this very hot weekend than in front of the pool at the corner of Concord and Cottage with the quintessential summer refreshment: lemonade.

For Burbank kids Maayan and Shilo, the location and weather could not have been better for sales – at 50 cents a glass – as they serviced a steady stream of customers, both young and older. (Editor’s note: It was very good lemonade, to boot.)

And if it got any hotter? 

“We’ll go into the pool,” said Shilo. 


Two words: Customer service.

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