Registration Underway For Underwood Pool Summer Season

Photo: Registration for Belmont residents to purchase membership to the Underwood Pool is now underway. Any remaining passes will be released to non-residents on June 1 at 8 a.m. Opening day at the Underwood is currently scheduled for Wednesday, June 23. The closing day of the pool is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 1.  Public swim block will […]

Underwood Pool Funding Surplus To Keep Patrons In The Shade

Photo: After all had been set and done, the Underwood Pool Building Committee which led the private/public funding partnership to build the $5.3 million pool facility at Cottage Street and Concord Avenue in 2015 discovered a bit of change in the back of the couch. With all the bills paid, a $68,400 surplus was found floating […]

Location, Location: When Temps Hit 100, Lemonade Stands Out By The Pool

Photo: It’s where you place your business that counts in the lemonade trade. When temperatures in Belmont reached triple digits on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 14, what better place to be than the Underwood Pool? And a pair of entrepreneurial brothers thought, what better place to make a few dollars on this very hot weekend than […]

As Underwood Opens, Advice From The Manager: Apply Lotion Before Diving In

Photo: Underwood pool manager Lorraine Benoit. At 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 18, the bike rack outside the Underwood Pool was filled, there was a line at the facility’s front desk and SUVs, and sports vehicles were dropping off folks on Concord Avenue. It was opening day of the first full-season of the Underwood, constructed and […]

Cracks Won’t Prevent Underwood Pool From Opening, Saturday, June 18

Photo: The pool filled with water on Tuesday. A few weeks back, a rumor was being spread in the local Starbucks/Dunkin’ Donuts that cracks – described as anywhere between “significant” to “devastating” – were discovered at the bottom of both Underwood pools as the less-than-a-year-old complex was being readied for its first full season scheduled […]

Final Day a Crowded One As Residents ‘Test Drive’ Underwood Pool

Photo: Lifeguard Elizabeth Levy, 17, watching over the wadding pool at the Underwood Pool on Labor Day, Sept, 7, 2015. A line of nearly 20 people – young, old, families and singles – lined up outside the entry of the new Underwood Pool complex at around 5 p.m. on a hot and hazy Labor Day, […]

Final Chance to Visit New Underwood Pools is Labor Day Monday

Photo: Belmont’s new Underwood Pool. One month since its grand opening, the new Underwood Pool facility at the corner of Cottage Street and Concord Avenue will close for the season today, Monday, Sept. 7, according to the town’s Recreations Department. With weekday admissions exceeding 1,000 visits, the $5.2 million, two pool space located on the site […]

Slip Sliding Away! New Underwood Pool Closed ’til Saturday, Aug. 15

Photo: The problem area at the Underwood Pool is the smooth entry area for the kiddy pool. Only one day since opening to rave reviews and a full house, the town has decided to temporarily close the new Underwood Pool until Saturday morning, Aug. 15. But for those who visited the facility on Monday, the reason for the closure is […]