Photo of the Day: Rising Community Tide for New Underwood Pool


In Jane Austen’s day two hundred years ago, you’d communicate with your neighbors or a friend by leaving a note on a fence post or in a nook of a stone wall.

And while today, there is high speed G4 internet and instant messaging available to keep us informed, the people raising $200,000 to meet the new low bid to construct the new Underwood Pool has decided to use the Austen-like “note” to the community at Belmont’s major intersections.

With just under four weeks remaining, the effort to preserve the 2015 summer swimming season by building the new Underwood has raised more than 80 percent of its goal.

Photo of the Day: A Cry of Help From the Modern Work Force


They’re called Starbucks squatters, coffee-shop campers and laptop hobos. They are the workers who have gone into business on their own or are hired by a firm as a freelancer or under a contract. While the independence is wonderful, their work place is no longer a cubical but a table at the friendly eatery with a Wifi connection. But for many, the convenience of the coffee place is trumped by the longing for a “real” office to work from. This Belmont resident has raised the white flag of surrender as they seek the normalcy of a desk in an office, like the good old days.