Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘No’ to Preserve the Override Funds

Photo: Supporter of the schools override. To the editor: How do we want to spend the 2015 override funds? Next Tuesday, Belmont voters will decide whether to spend $335,000 to $500,000 per year (or more) to fund the $144 million new Minuteman debt. I am a school advocate. I strongly support vocational education. But this […]

Letter to the Editor: Understanding Minuteman Enrollment

Photo:  To the editor: Let’s talk about Minuteman enrollment. Total enrollment at Minuteman today is at its second-lowest level in history, as reported by the Minuteman Superintendent on Monday night. Member town enrollment in Minuteman has fallen from 1,214 in 1977 to 331 in 2015 (not including the six towns that are leaving the district). […]

Letter to the Editor: Support Minuteman on Sept. 20

Photo: Image of the interior of a proposed Minuteman school building. To the editor: I’m asking Belmont residents to join me in voting “yes” to support the financing of a new Minuteman school building on Sept. 20. Some of our local leaders have raised issues about Minuteman. Some say that we can avoid financing the […]

To the Editor: Plymouth Congregational ‘Still Very Much A Church’

Photo: Joe Zarro, pastor of Plymouth Congregational Church. To our neighbors and friends in Belmont: Over the past two years, the members of Plymouth Congregational Church have considered proposals from multiple carriers to install cell antennas in our church steeple. There are immediate benefits to the community from this installation: improved reception in the town center […]

Letter To The Editor: Don’t Sacrifice Minuteman Because Of Other Concerns

Photo: The Garden Classroom at the Burbank. To the editor: In my capacity as Co-President of the Burbank Elementary Parent Teacher Association, I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with many students from Minuteman Career and Technical High School. Our gorgeous Garden Classroom would not have been possible without the hard work of students in the […]

Letter to the Editor: In His Work On Override, Paolillo Deserves Our Vote

Correction: In my letter, I mistakenly attributed statements from supporters who are campaigning for Ruban to “the Ruban campaign.” Ms. Ruban did not make these claims.  To the editor: I care deeply about the Belmont schools. I rely on our town services. I feel strongly that we need to fix our crumbling infrastructure; roads, sidewalks, […]

Letter to the Editor: Mike Crowley for Town Meeting, Precinct 8

Photo: Vote on April 5. To the editor:  I’m asking for your support for Town Meeting member for Precinct 8 on April 5. My family is relatively new to Belmont, but we love our community and want to see it improve. We need to continue investing in our schools and attending to critical infrastructure needs, including a new high school building and the repair of […]

Letter to the Editor: Common, Inclusive Solutions Needed In Belmont

Photo: Belmont Town Hall. To the editor: Good day, Belmont. It is another town election cycle and this time, I am hearing some strange things that people believe is truth. Because I am on the campaign for Alexandra Ruban, I hope to share some of who I have learned Alexandra is. Alexandra is a wife, […]

Letter to the Editor: Prestwich Professional Experience Value to School Committee

Photo: Andrea Prestwich To the editor: I met Andrea Prestwich and her husband Steve Saar ten years ago. Our kids have sung in the choir and attended Sunday School together, and more recently participated in Chenery Middle School’s extraordinary instrumental music program together. We have become good friends as our kids have aged from 2 to […]

Letter to the Editor: Bicer’s Financial Expertise An Asset to Committee

Photo: Murat Bicer To the editor:   I would like to encourage the residents of Belmont to vote for Murat Bicer for School Committee on April 5. He has a strong understanding of the problems that face our town’s schools and a clear sense of how to help solve them.   My family moved to Belmont […]