Letter to the Editor: Prestwich Will Bring Balance to School Committee

Photo: Andrea Prestwich. To the editor: I express my support for Dr. Andrea Prestwich, candidate for School Committee. Andrea has two children who currently attend Chenery Middle School. She leads small ministry groups at the First Church, Belmont, and is an avid member of the choir. At work, Andrea is an internationally respected astrophysicist who oversees […]

Letter to the Editor: The Facts Eclipse Allegations on Town’s Trash Contract

Photo: Trash collection in Belmont. To the editor: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” This bit of wisdom from Daniel Patrick Moynihan is important, particularly during town elections. Paul Roberts submitted a letter to the editor to The Belmontonian that is all opinion. No facts. Belmont residents deserve to know the […]

Letter to the Editor: Questioning Net Metering Working Group’s Bias

To the editor: The last two weeks saw a flurry of activity as the Light Board moved ever closer to embracing solar. Last week, 450 signatures of residents demanding simple retail net metering was submitted to the Light Board and, in my opinion, the Light Board started changing the Municipal Light Advisory Board (MLAB) membership to be more responsive to […]

Letter to the Editor: Fact Checking the Belmont Center ‘Bait and Switch’

To the editor: A lot of ink, digital and otherwise, has recently been spent asserting that the Belmont Center Reconstruction project has been usurped by a small “faction” of influential residents, pulling a “bait and switch” on Town Meeting, and undermining the democratic process in town. The only recourse, it is claimed, is to force the […]

Letter to the Editor: Lessons on Democracy from Kids in Starbucks

To the editor:  Yesterday [Sunday, April 5] after our Easter brunch was over and my uncle had gone, the kids had tired of playing both indoors and out, so we made our way to the town-center Starbucks for a change of scenery. Grouped around a table were five teenagers studying AP biology.  My six-year-old pointed […]

Letter to the Editor: Williams Will Not Kick the Can on Town’s Obligations

Photo: A family of Jim William campaigners, To the editor:  Belmont has a clear choice this year for the Board of Selectmen.  The best choice is Jim Williams. Belmont made a commitment this year both to town employees and to school employees (both teachers and non-teachers). It’s a promise the town has little chance of keeping.  The […]

Letter to the Editor: An Insider’s Reason for Vote ‘Yes’ on the Override

Photo: Yes campaigners. To the editor: We all have been inundated with reasons for and against the override vote on April 7.  I’ve see the needs as a resident and an insider, as a parent and a decision maker. I have lived in Belmont for 19 years, and on either side of Belmont for another […]

Letter to the Editor: The Steak and Potatoes of Voting ‘Yes’ for the Override

Photo: Young “Yes” campaigners in Cushing Square on Saturday, March 28. To the editor: To the “distinguished” gentleman in the Lexus who gave me a thumbs down this morning [Saturday, March 28] when I was holding a YES for Belmont sign in Cushing Square: Congratulations on your success.  I’m sure you worked hard for it.  As my […]