Toll Bros Update of Cushing Village Development Thursday, April 27

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Photo: Under construction. The developer of the Cushing Village project now under construction in Cushing Square will hold a public meeting this week to provide residents an update on where the development is at and where it is going. Toll Brothers Apartment Living, the apartment development division of Toll Brothers, Inc., the nation’s premier builder […]

Cushing Village Update: Dig, Dig, Dig; Starbuck Around ’til July 4th?


Photo: Diggin’ it in Cushing Square. Dig this … which is exactly what construction crews are doing on the proposed site of Cushing Village, according to developer Toll Brothers. In his monthly update, Otto Weiss, the project manager for Toll Brothers’ Apartment Living division which is building the 168,000 square foot development in the heart of […]

Cushing Square’s New (Temporary) Skyline As S.S. Pierce Building Tumbles


Photo: Open space in Cushing Square. For 102 years, the prominent three-story brick and frame building stood at the corner of Common Street and Trapelo Road, home for much of that time of the Belmont branch of the S.S. Pierce grocers. On Monday, Feb. 20, the century-old Cushing Square landmark came tumbling down as the […]

It’s Official: Spokesperson Says Cushing Square Starbucks is Closing


Photo: Closed … for now. It’s the least best-kept secret in Belmont: the popular Starbucks Cafe in the heart of Cushing Square is closing. If the reduction of parking and pedestrian access which dramatically reduced business wasn’t enough of a clue that the store would struggle as the construction of the 164,000 square foot multi-use […]

Last Call for Lattes: Cushing Sq. Starbucks Reported to Close ‘Soon’


Photo: Starbucks in Cushing Square. When you’re hunting for a cool iced caramel macchiato this summer, you’ll no longer have Starbucks in Belmont’s Cushing Square as a destination.  According to associates who spoke to worried customers and the Belmontonian, the busy store located at 112 Trapelo Rd. will be shutting its doors “soon, in the next […]

Cushing Square MuniParking Lot Closes Sept. 29


Photo: Surveying equipment at the municipal lot in Cushing Square. The first concrete step in the construction of Cushing Village takes place next week as the municipal parking lot at Trapelo and Williston roads will close temporarily on Thursday, Sept. 29. The closure comes a day before Toll Brothers is scheduled to execute a purchase […]

Cushing Village’s New Owner Seeking Added Concessions From Town

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Photo: The current state of the location of Cushing Village. The more things change, the more they stay the same. That 19th-century French saying has a ring of truth to it when the discussion turns to the long-stalled Cushing Village residential/retail/parking development as it appears the new owners are seeking their own set of concessions […]

New Cushing Square Traffic Light Pattern Set to Start May 31

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Photo: The intersection at Cushing Square. As of May 31, driving efficiency will be coming to Cushing Square, whether you’re ready or not. While it was apparent that many residents were happy with the old pattern of traffic lights at the busy intersection of Trapelo Road and Common Street, one entity that wasn’t were the […]

Business: A Simple Concept Brings Yoga Business to Cushing Village


Photo: Stephanie Mills, owner of Simply Yoga in Cushing Square. The circular logo on the window of Simply Yoga, which opens this weekend in the heart of Cushing Square, is not associated with traditional yoga illustrations.  In fact, owner Stephanie Mills brought the symbol over from her native Ireland. “It’s an image carved in stone at […]

Cushing Village Developer Misses Deadline for [Put Number Here] Time

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Photo: The municipal parking lot at Cushing Village is .. still there.  Belmont just received another lump of coal from the developer who promised 30 months ago that he would build a project that “will revitalize Cushing Square and will become a source of pride for all of Belmont.” On Dec. 3, after repeatedly missing […]