Belmont World Films Opens 17th International Film Series Sunday, March 18

Photo: From the movie “The Workshop” which opens the 17th annual Belmont World Film’s 17th annual International Film Series. Nine films from the world’s top international film festivals will premiere at Belmont World Film’s 17th annual International Film Series, which runs to May 14 at Belmont’s historic Studio Cinema, 376 Trapelo Rd. Opening night on Sunday, […]

Stories Come Alive at Belmont World Film’s Family Festival This Holiday Weekend

Photo: Windstorm and the Wild Horses Belmont World Film holds its 15th annual Family Festival, “Where Stories Come Alive,” presented by Jackson-Walnut Park School and Henry Bear’s Park from Jan. 12 to 15, at the Regent Theatre in Arlington (5 Medford Street), Studio Cinema in Belmont (376 Trapelo Road), and Brattle Theatre in Cambridge (40 Brattle […]

Belmont Groups Screen Films of Refugees With Goal Of Greater Understanding

Photo: After Spring, directed by Ellen Martinez A coalition of Belmont organizations that are working to help resettle refugees in the Boston area is presenting a series of films on refugees and immigration beginning this week that spotlights issues in the headlines. “With today’s more than 60 million refugees, we thought that coming together to watch […]

Wallace and Gromit Animator Highlights 14th Belmont World Film’s Family Fest

Photo: Animator Merlin Crossingham A talk and workshops from the animator responsible for the award-winning Wallace and Gromit films and the movies “Chicken Run” and “Shaun the Sheep” will highlight this year’s Belmont World Film’s 14th Annual Family Festival, “Where Books Come Alive,” Jan. 13-16. The festival offers nearly four days of some of the world’s best […]

Opening night at Belmont World Film Monday with NE Premiere of ‘Parisienne’

Photo: Still from the movie Parisienne which has its New England premiere at the Belmont World Film at the Studio Cinema. Opening night at Belmont World Film features the New England premiere of Parisienne on Monday, March 21, at 7:30 p.m. at the Studio Cinema, 376 Trapelo Rd. Set during the 1990’s and based in part on […]

This Weekend: Hoop Shoot-Out, Puppet Band, Belmont World Film Begins

• Malaria is preventable yet claims a life every 60 seconds in Sub-Sahara Africa. On Saturday, March 21 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., you can help stem the disease’s tide by participating in the annual Imagine No Malaria’s Hoop Shoot-Out at Belmont-Watertown United Methodist Church at 421 Common St. Anyone eight-years-years and older can join in on the fun: come […]