Belmont Town Meeting, Segment B, Night 2

Photo: Moderator Mike Widmer. 7 p.m.: Welcome to hopefully the final night of Belmont’s annual Town Meeting. Tonight, capital budget appropriations will be highlighted as will a reconsideration of the solar power article which was indefinitely delayed in May. 7:11 p.m.: And the meeting starts with a shout out by Moderator Mike Widmer on all […]

Belmont Town Meeting, Section B; Monday, June 1

Photo: Belmont Town Meeting 7:08 p.m.: Mike Widmer, town moderator, has gaveled Section B of the annual Town Meeting into session. It’s the beginning of all things budgetary including what to do with the rest of the override funds. That’s $1.6 million. 7:16 p.m.: A proclamation for Bruce Davidson, a long-time chair and member of […]

Reconvened Town Meeting To Determine What To Do With Override Funds

Photo: Belmont Town Meeting. As the annual legislative meeting reconvenes on Monday, June 1, at 7 p.m. at the Chenery Middle School to debate and vote on the town’s finances, the nearly 300 member will be asked to decided where to place the remainder of the $4.5 million raised after voters approved the Proposition 2 […]

Belmont Town Meeting: Night 2, May 6

Photo: Belmont T0wn Meeting. Welcome back to the 156th annual Belmont Town Meeting. Tonight’s the second night of Town Meeting with the Community Preservation Committee’s grants up for debate and transfers.  7:05 p.m.: And we are off … five minutes late, as usual.  7:08 p.m.: Moderator Mike Widmer announced that Article 9 will be reconsidered […]

Preview of the Second Night of Belmont Town Meeting, May 6

Photo:  The second night of the 156th edition of Belmont Town Meeting takes place on Wednesday, May 6 as the meeting reconvenes at 7 p.m. at Belmont High School to hopefully complete the remaining non-budgetary issues before the 290-member legislative body. The evening will revolve around debate on the $1.1 million in grants coming from the […]

Solar Flare Up: Town Meeting Rejects Petition as Members Voice Concerns

Photo: Town Meeting. Tempers flared as Town Meeting members rejected an article hoping to spark a conversation about the future of solar power that one member called “too squishy” on the first night of the annual Belmont Town Meeting held Monday, May 4, at Belmont High School. Tensions rose to a point unseen in recent […]

As Town Delays Policy, Town Meeting Considers Solar Power Resolution

Photo: Solar panels. Just two weeks after the Belmont Light Board – made up of the Belmont Board of Selectmen – decided to delayed the start of a payment plan for residents who use solar power, Town Meeting will debate placing a non-binding resolution on the town ballot to ask if the town should support as policy […]

Belmont’s 2015 Annual Town Meeting Begins Tonight, With New Rules For Speakers

Photo: Town Moderator Mike Widmer. Author Frank M. Bryan of the University of Vermont said that “the single most recurrent theme in the literature on the town meeting in the 19th Century … was the notion that town meetings are schoolhouses of citizenship.” And Belmont will continue this New England tradition as the town will debate and vote on several citizens petitions […]

The Cost of Too Much: Special Town Meeting To Pay $1.35 Million Snow Removal Bill

Photo: The bill for snow removal is double the allocated amount. It costs a lot to push aside nine feet of snow. And the town is setting aside time at next month’s annual Town Meeting to pay the bill for removing the record snow that fell on Belmont’s thoroughfares this season. The Special Town Meeting article – […]

Caucuses to Fill Vacant Belmont Town Meeting Seats

Photo: Town Meeting. If you live in three Belmont precincts, you still have a chance to become a Town Meeting Member as the town will hold caucuses to fill vacant seats for this year’s meeting. Town Clerk Ellen Cushman, on behalf of the Board of Registrars of Voters, will hold caucuses in Precincts 3, 5 and 7 on April 28 at […]