Historic Resources Survey Makes Public Debut on Thursday

Photo: Redtop, the historic house located at 90 Somerset St. It was once the home of William Dean Howells and family. After two years of compiling and sorting data and information, the summary findings of the Belmont Historic Resources Survey will be presented in the Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Room, at 7 p.m. this Thursday, […]

Preliminary Applications For 2017 Community Preservation Funding Now Available

Photo: A path along Clay Pit Pond has received funding from the Community Preservation Committee. Do you or your group have a community project that could use a few dollars to complete? Does the project involve acquiring or improving open space and recreation land, rehabbing or preserving historic sites, or goes to support affordable housing? If […]

Six Community Preservation Projects Heading to Town Meeting for OK

Photo: Clay Pit Pond and the location of the intergenerational path. Projects encompassing a path for all ages, preserving the town’s history and sprucing up community play areas will seek Town Meeting approval as the Community Preservation Committee presents its list of recommended projects to the town’s legislative body next month. Now in its fourth year, […]

Preservation Committee Approves $818K in Grants; Next Stop, Town Meeting

Photo: PQ Playground. The Community Preservation Committee will recommend to the annual Town Meeting in May spending a little more than $800,000 on six projects set to preserve the town’s historical records, enhance the open space around a landmark and provide recreation to town residents. The committee voted on Wednesday, Jan. 13 to approved six out […]

Seven Projects Make Initial Cut for $1M in Community Preservation Funding

Photo: Clay Pit Pond Repairing another of town’s tennis courts, installing a walking path and revitalizing a well-known park are some of the seven projects that past muster with the Community Preservation Committee after it announced which applications were approved in the preliminary round of assessments. The seven applications moving forward in the CPC process […]

Got a Project? Need Funding? The CPA Could Be Your Answer

Photo: The Underwood Pool, finance in part with a grant from the Community Preservation Committee. Do you or your community group have a great idea for a town-wide project but can’t think how to pay for it? If that’s the case, your answer could be in applying for the fourth-round of funding from the town’s […]

Preview of the Second Night of Belmont Town Meeting, May 6

Photo:  The second night of the 156th edition of Belmont Town Meeting takes place on Wednesday, May 6 as the meeting reconvenes at 7 p.m. at Belmont High School to hopefully complete the remaining non-budgetary issues before the 290-member legislative body. The evening will revolve around debate on the $1.1 million in grants coming from the […]

Winn Brook Tennis Courts Aced Off Town’s Community Preservation Funding List

The town committee appointed to dole out community dollars for a wide-range of projects decided last night to play singles and not doubles when it comes to funding repairs to a pair of Belmont tennis courts. The town’s Community Preservation Committee rejected a request from the town for $295,000 to reconstruct and repair the tennis […]

Tennis, Someone? Community Preservation Ponders Need for Court Repairs

Does Belmont have too many tennis courts? And who plays on them, and when? While pondering the supply and demand of the 24 courts in town (with 22 actually available to be played on), the town’s Community Preservation Committee appeared willing at its monthly meeting held Wednesday, Dec. 10 to conduct an extensive study not just to answer those […]

Seven Projects Make First Cut for Community Preservation Funding

Seven of eight projects passed the first test that could ultimately see them funded through the Community Preservation Committee. On Wednesday, Oct. 8, the committee announced applications that were approved in the preliminary round of assessments. The only project that did not make the initial cut was $170,000 to make the Press Box at Harris Field […]