What’s Open, Closed On Patriots’ Day; Trash/Recycling Delayed A Day

Photo: Most retail shops and offices are open on Patriots’ Day

Patriots’ Day, the Bay State’s homegrown holiday, commemorates the battles of Lexington, Concord, and Menotomy on April 19, 1775, the first of the American Revolutionary War. 

While the first shot was fired in Lexington and the Regulars were halted at North Bridge in Concord, more than half of all casualties that day occurred in modern-day Arlington. Minutemen from surrounding towns converged on Menotomy to ambush the British over the short distance from Foot of the Rocks (at the intersection of Lowell Street and Massachusetts Avenue) to Spy Pond on their retreat back to Boston.

Arlington will celebrate on Patriots’ Day to greet National Lancers riders reenacting Paul Revere and Williams Dawes’s famous ride warning, “The Regulars are out!” The celebration will occuz r at Whittemore Park, in front of the Cyrus Dallin Art Museum, 611 Mass. Ave. While awaiting the riders, you’re invited to join the activities: crafts, snacks, and a scavenger hunt beginning at 11 a.m. The riders are expected around noon.

Most of the day’s attention is focused on the Boston Athletic Association’s annual 26.2 miles marathon. It will be a great day for runners and fans as the forecast calls for highs in the mid-60s, with some clouds during the race.

So, what’s opened and what’s closed?


  • Belmont Town Hall, offices, and buildings are closed, as is the Belmont Public Library currently in the Beech Street Center and the Benton Library.
  • Belmont public schools are closed Monday as they are shut for the week-long spring-time break.
  • State offices such as the Register of Motor Vehicles and courts are closed.

Due to the holiday, trash and recycling curbside pickup is delayed a day. If your removal day is Monday, don’t! Bring it to the side of the road on Tuesday.

And Massachusetts residents get an extra day to submit or mail their federal and state taxes. The deadline is Tuesday, April 16 at 11:59 p.m.,


As it is a state holiday, the US Post Offices on Concord Avenue and in Waverley Square are open as are federal offices.

Star Market on Trapelo Road is open as are retail and convenience stores, eateries and restaurants, and liquor establishments.

Marathon Monday on the MBTA

While the Red Line subway at Harvard and Alewife will be running on a weekday schedule, buses are on a weekend timetable. In addition:

  • Various bus routes on the marathon route’s North and South sides will be detoured.
  • Due to congestion, bikes are prohibited on any MBTA vehicles on Patriots’ Day.
  • Copley Station will be closed Monday. 
  • View the MBTA’s Patriots’ Day schedule here

The Harveys Pace Belmontians To BAA Marathon Fall Finish Line

Photo: Brian Harvey (right) in the 2019 Brendan Home Run

Brian Harvey toured the fall foliage from Hopkinton to Boston Monday quick enough to still order the breakfast special in Copley Square as the Belmont resident finished the 125th BAA Marathon in 2 hours, 21 minutes and 35 seconds just before the clock struck 11 a.m.

Running in his club’s annual 26.2 mile race, Harvey finished 29th overall out of 15,400 participants in an average of 5 minutes and 25 seconds a mile. No one should be surprised with Harvey swiftly conquering the course having been a five-time Division 3 All-American at Carnegie Mellon University and two time US Olympic Trials participant with a marathon PR of 2:17:50.

Harvey couldn’t immediately head back to Belmont after crossing the line as he had to wait for his wife, Stefani, to finish in a speedy 3:16:41 (670th women to finish), finishing behind Katherine Jamboretz, Belmont’s first female finisher who nearly broke three hours in 3:02:22.

Despite the time or placement, if it was the umpteenth or the very first time, or whether the race produced a personal best or was a struggle to finish, everyone who crossed the finish line on Boylston Street by the Boston Public Library accomplished a remarkable feat of courage and grit that will leave an everlasting memory to inspire future experiences.

Below are the finishers from the Town of Homes according to the Boston Athletic Association (which has in the past a hard time distinguishing Belmont, Massachusetts from all the other Belmonts FWIW)

Brian Harvey2:21:35
Evan Vadenais2:38:59
David Marchefka2:56:33
Joe Shaw2:58:24
Katherine Jamboretz3:02:22
Matthew Taylor3:02:48
Tony Luongo3:03:48
Jeremy Frantz3:14:31
Cheng Zhong3:15:48
Stefani Harvey3:16:41
Mathew Swanson3:19:13
Douglas Hall3:20:25
Becca Pizzi3:30:34
Justin Bakule3:47:42
Katie Brace 3:55:06
Jianjian Wang3:55:23
Jenny Luongo3:55:59
Donald McLelland3:58:33
Laurie Nahigian4:10:26
Christine Bowe4:10:36
Patricia Wolff4:26:24
E G Griego 4:46:15
Veronica Baptista5:00:53
Kole Kelly5:05:11
Sarkis Chikijian5:08:16
Allison Colton5:58:23
Alexandra Kritharas6:04:37
John Carson6:17:10
Mary Simmons 6:17:55
Adam Quinn7:24:34

Side By Side For 26 Miles: Habelows Push 3 Dozen Belmontians Over Marathon Finish Line

Photo: Melissa (left) and Eileen (right) Habelow at the finish of the Boston Marathon. 

Monday’s BAA Marathon was no walk in the park for the Habelows from Belmont. The pair – mom Eileen and eldest daughter Melissa – ended up battling daylong drenching downpours, a steady headwind and temperatures in the 40s for nearly seven hours before crossing the finish line in Boston’s Copley Square just before 6 p.m. 

And during the entire six hours and 22 minutes in the rain and cold, mother and daughter did it together, side by side, hitting every checkpoint at the same time. 

“It was brutal and amazing in the same day,” said Eileen. “We have trained for almost 20-weeks (physical exertion is nothing new as both Habelows were stellar field hockey players in college) so to have that kind of weather on Marathon Monday was a bit disappointing, but we still got to run the Boston Marathon!”

Three dozen Belmont residents completed the 122nd edition of the marathon run during epic weather conditions. The town’s resident marathoner, Becca Pizzi, broke the finish line in 3 hours and 35 minutes while Belmont High’s Girls’ Basketball Head Coach Melissa Hart strode in four hours and 39 minutes.

The day’s payoff for the Habelows was just that, raising almost $18,000 for Boston’s Beth Israel Cancer Center where Eileen was treated for breast cancer beginning in the fall of 2016. They will continue to raise funds until April 30 (read their story here) as they strive to reach their goal of $20,000. 

“The fundraising and our donors was a big motivation to keep running yesterday,” said Eileen.

And while they pulled up the rear of the pack – remember, they’re field hockey players – they did find something at the end of the race.

“We finished in time to get medals, which made us very happy!” said Eileen.

Times of Belmont :

  1. Alfonso Marquez  3:07:47
  2. Tony Luongo  3:23:18
  3. Emily Cody  3:31:28
  4. Sarah Poplawski  3:32:50
  5. Laurie Nahigian  3:35:13
  6. Becca Pizzi. 3:35:55
  7. Lisa Engler  3:37:01
  8. Seth Waterman  3:37:58
  9. Konstantin Tyurin  3:40.36
  10. Sam Gross  3:49:44
  11. Peter Tagge  3:49:48
  12. William Marinell  3:50:29
  13. Mike Ascione 3:50:31
  14. Carrie Mallozzi  3:57:18
  15. Meredith Plault  4:00:18
  16. Katie Brace  4:00:22
  17. Jana Montoya  4:10:13
  18. Chris Poli  4:11:30
  19. Edward Amer  4:12:50
  20. Christine Bowe  4:18:24
  21. Richard Newton. 4:18:51
  22. Melissa Hart  4:39.16
  23. Satomi Kato  5:00:26
  24. Andy Schreiner. 5:00:55
  25. Sarkis Chekijian  5:05:13
  26. Peter Thomson 5:15:39
  27. Rabie Angadi 5:26:00
  28. Peter Walker 5:26:47
  29. Meaghan Rocha  5:27:27
  30. Carol Berberian 5:31:25
  31. Maria Martins 5:44:17
  32. Kai Saukkonen  6:01:42
  33. Stephen Najarian  6:03:40
  34. Richard Horgan. 6:14:53
  35. Deb Rooney  6:19:18
  36. Eileen Habelow  6:22:13

18 Belmont Runners Cross Boston Marathon Finish Line


On a race day that proved to be a challenge for the elite and the back of the pack runners, 18 Belmont residents gutted out the 26.2 miles from bucolic Hopkinton to bustling Boston in the 121st running of the BAA Marathon on Monday, April 17.

Despite warm conditions – temperatures topped out in the low 70s – and a tail wind, the cadre of Belmontians joined 26,393 other runners to finish the Patriots Day race.                                                              

The results are “net” times which is when the runner crosses the start line and not when the gun goes off.

Emily Adams    3:49:28

Jennifer Ausrotas    4:28:37

Justin Bakule    4:35:31

Sarkis Chekijian    4:04:51

Scot DeDeo    3:26:07

Paul Firth    4:36:22

Satomi Kato    4:21:07

Tony Luongo    3:27:12

Samuel Millen    5:20:10

Jana Montoya    4:00:02

Laurie Nahigian    3:29:32

Stephen Najarian    5:14:21

Damien Pinault    3:47:04

Becca Pizzi    3:39:38

Peter Tagge    4:05:29

Peter Thomson    4:48:59

Konstantin Tyurin    3:23:43

Peter Walker    5:16:03

Neither Wind Nor Hills Nor 26 Miles: Conroy is Belmont’s Swiftest Marathoner

Photo: Charlie Conroy at Heartbreak Hill. (Courtesy photo)

The unofficial motto of the US Postal Service is “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

In a slightly modified version of the postman’s code, Belmont resident Charlie Conroy didn’t allow the wind, rain, hills (both going up and down) and miles of asphalt prevent him from being the swiftest Belmontian participating in the 119th Boston Athletic Association Marathon.

On Monday afternoon, April 20, Conroy mastering the historic 26.2 mile route in three hours, two minutes and 40 seconds, in chilly conditions with a strong head wind and rain.

“I was very pleased with my race; I ran a Boston personal best this year. Again, given the poor weather, that was especially rewarding,” said the Channing Road resident, well known as a leader of Belmont Second Soccer.

Becca Pizzi was the first Belmont female resident to cross the finish line on Boylston Street in 3:28:11.

Conroy said he was spurred on by the race by seeing family and friends along the route.

“My family were watching at the top of Heartbreak Hill [in Newton], so that was all I could think about as I ran through the Newton Hills. It was great to see them and know that it was mostly downhill from there. I also saw several other friends from Belmont in Wellesley and Newton, so that was just great to hear their cheers of support,” he said.

“Given the terrible weather, the crowds were less than in prior years but we’re still very noisy in their support. They make this race so special. So I would like to thank all of the residents of Belmont, who were cheering along the course, they helped every runner through the hard patches along the route,” he said.

Conroy wanted to congratulate all those running on Monday as undertaking a marathon, “a huge achievement regardless of time.”

“I have equal admiration for the 2:10 Marathon champ and the 5:30 marathon competitor. Both were able to train for and run 26.2 miles,” said Conroy.

The Belmont finishers include:

  1. Charlie Conroy, 3:02:40
  2. John Carey, 3:05:20
  3. Damien Pinault, 3:14:55
  4. Becca Pizzi, 3:28:11
  5. Christina Pickering, 3:35:12
  6. Virginia Cox, 3:35:53
  7. Laurent Canneva, 3:36:42
  8. Glenn Imboywa, 3:37:50
  9. Carolyn Mehaffey, 3:50: 19
  10. Satomi Kato, 3:56:07
  11. Kelly Fanning, 4:01:18
  12. Kimberly Usseglio, 4:06:09
  13. Emily Seaver, 4:06:57
  14. Paul Firth, 4:08:09
  15. Cara Brickley, 4:14:09
  16. Peter Arsenault, 4:18:07
  17. Stefanie Baker, 4:36:28
  18. Apo Ashjian, 4:38:35
  19. Sarkis Chekijian, 4:38:36
  20. James Winter, 4:47:22
  21. Kaleigh Connors, 4:54:22
  22. Stephen Najarian, 5:04:06
  23. Carrie Palmer, 5:05:40
  24. Julie Holt, 5:27:03
  25. Richard Horgan, 5:28:26
  26. Kai Saukkonen, 5:30:59

Belmont’s Fast Nobel Prize Winner Racing in Monday’s BAA Marathon

Photo: The BAA Marathon.

It’s likely Wolfgang Ketterle will be the fastest Nobel Prize winner participating in Monday’s 119th Boston Athletic Association Marathon, but the 57-year-old academic could have another impressive distinction; first Belmontian to cross the finish line on Boston’s Boylston Street.

The MIT professor of physics, who with Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001 for their work on Bose–Einstein condensate, will be running with the low bib number 655.  Ketterle, who is a member of Somerville Road Runners, finished last year’s BAA race in 2 hours, 44 minutes and 6 seconds, good for 528th overall and third fastest runner in the 55-59 age group. 

“With science and running, you should never give up. You should challenge yourself and be willing to exhaust yourself. I like that, both in science and running,” Ketterle told Runner’s World when it profiled him in it’s “I’m a Runner” feature in 2009. 

In the past decade, the fastest Belmont master runner (those over 40 years old) was Robert Cipriano, who runs the marathon in the 2 hour, 40 minute range in his early 50s, but the long-time resident – and like Ketterle, a Somerville Road Runner – pulled up stakes to Brighton. 

In addition to Ketterle, 27 Belmont residents will hopefully be toeing the line in Hopkinton on what is likely a cool and cloudy day (although there will be a head wind). Find out if your neighbor will be racing (many for charity and causes) on Marathon Monday. 

Name, age, bib number 

  1. Peter Arsenault, 29, 28943
  2. Apo Ashjian, 58, 28793
  3. Stefanie Baker, 28, 31298
  4. Rachid Belhocine, 55, 11071
  5. Cara Brickley, 40, 29699
  6. Laurent Canneva, 37, 28397 (France)
  7. John Carey, 48, 5278
  8. Sarkis Chekijian, 41, 26400
  9. Kaleigh Connors, 24, 30565
  10. Charlie Conroy, 45, 2194
  11. Virginia Cox, 48, 23429
  12. Kelly Fanning, 37, 29181
  13. Paul Firth, 47, 30320
  14. Julie Holt, 33, 27895
  15. Richard Horgan, 61, 26017
  16. Glenn Imboywa, 28, 28713
  17. Satomi Kato, 49, 22623
  18. Wolfgang Ketterle, 57, 655
  19. Carolyn Mehaffey, 51, 24532
  20. Stephen Najarian, 59, 31462
  21. Carrie Palmer, 40, 25700
  22. Christina Pickering, 37, 16226
  23. Damien Pinault, 42, 8260
  24. Becca Pizzi, 35, 16965
  25. Kai Saukkonen, 52, 29973
  26. Emily Seaver, 30, 31440
  27. Kimberly Usseglio, 29, 27125
  28. James Winter, 43, 31342

Fast Times For Belmont’s BAA Marathoners

Your neighbors are a quick lot!

Belmont runners produced some outstanding results at Monday’s 118th Boston Athletic Association Marathon, the historic annual 26.2 mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston’s Copley Square to celebrate Patriots’ Day, April 21.

Of the 42 who finished the race, 40 percent, 17, ran under four hours, a great accomplishment for any runner.

And just like the men’s race, where American Meb Keflezighi won the race by 11 seconds, it was a close contest for the first Belmont resident across the line as Roger Donaghy finished nine seconds ahead of fellow BAA member Ryan McCalmon, 2 hours, 36 minutes and 17 seconds vs 2:36:26, placing 213th while Ryan finished 217th.

Rachel Reardon was the female Belmont runner, finishing in 3:25:15, or 7,490th overall, ahead of 25,000 fellow runners, and 1,225th among all women.

But it was in the veteran’s categories that Belmont runners made their mark. Fifty-six-year-old Wolfgang Ketterle finished third in the 55-59 age group in 2:44:06, less than three minutes from the winning time. He placed 528th overall.

Hammond Road’s Robert Cipriano ran a possible personal best in the marathon in 2 hour, 40 minutes and 48 seconds to finish 4th in the 50-54 age group, placing 364th.

Here are all the results from the race:

  1. Scott Abrams, 3:37:45
  2. Anne Antonellis, 4:40:28
  3. Cara Brickley, 4:31:55
  4. John Carey, 3:13:14
  5. Sarkis Chekijian, 3:42:11
  6. Robert Cipriano, 2:40:47
  7. Kelly Coates, 6:14:43
  8. Charlie Conroy, 3:05:03
  9. Virginia Cox, 3:53:19
  10. David DeMarco, 4:06:28
  11. Roger Donaghy, 2:36:17
  12. Paul Feloney, 4:22:19
  13. Paul Firth, 4:38:32
  14. Jonathan Haines, 3:59:19
  15. Bill Hees, 5:22:45
  16. Christopher Heuisler, 3:32:29
  17. Richard Horgan, 5:27:31
  18. James Kelleher, 4:58:31
  19. Wolfgang Ketterle, 2:44:06
  20. Peter Lamb, 4:45:28
  21. Russell Leino, 3:06:15
  22. Mark Lewis, 6:35:29
  23. David MacDonald, 5:03:49
  24. Eric Marro, 4:54:57
  25. Leslie Mauriello, 4:43:14
  26. Ryan McCalmon, 2:36:25
  27. Carolyn Mehaffey, 3:58:36
  28. Karyn Miller-Medzon, 4:26:36
  29. Joseph Mullaney, 4:53:48
  30. Stephen Najarian, 5:34:58
  31. Carrie Palmer, 5:08:19
  32. Oswald Paredes, 5:24:42
  33. John Pilkington-Sperry, 4:40:10
  34. Becca Pizzi, 3:40:15
  35. Rachel Reardon, 3:25:15
  36. Kristen Ruane, 5:27:20
  37. Alissa Schreiner, 3:56:39
  38. Andrew Schreiner, 3:59:03
  39. Emily Seaver, 4:41:41
  40. Hannah Swartz, 5:00:05
  41. Kimberly Usseglio, 4:27:45
  42. James Winter, 5:15:02