Neither Wind Nor Hills Nor 26 Miles: Conroy is Belmont’s Swiftest Marathoner

Photo: Charlie Conroy at Heartbreak Hill. (Courtesy photo)

The unofficial motto of the US Postal Service is “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

In a slightly modified version of the postman’s code, Belmont resident Charlie Conroy didn’t allow the wind, rain, hills (both going up and down) and miles of asphalt prevent him from being the swiftest Belmontian participating in the 119th Boston Athletic Association Marathon.

On Monday afternoon, April 20, Conroy mastering the historic 26.2 mile route in three hours, two minutes and 40 seconds, in chilly conditions with a strong head wind and rain.

“I was very pleased with my race; I ran a Boston personal best this year. Again, given the poor weather, that was especially rewarding,” said the Channing Road resident, well known as a leader of Belmont Second Soccer.

Becca Pizzi was the first Belmont female resident to cross the finish line on Boylston Street in 3:28:11.

Conroy said he was spurred on by the race by seeing family and friends along the route.

“My family were watching at the top of Heartbreak Hill [in Newton], so that was all I could think about as I ran through the Newton Hills. It was great to see them and know that it was mostly downhill from there. I also saw several other friends from Belmont in Wellesley and Newton, so that was just great to hear their cheers of support,” he said.

“Given the terrible weather, the crowds were less than in prior years but we’re still very noisy in their support. They make this race so special. So I would like to thank all of the residents of Belmont, who were cheering along the course, they helped every runner through the hard patches along the route,” he said.

Conroy wanted to congratulate all those running on Monday as undertaking a marathon, “a huge achievement regardless of time.”

“I have equal admiration for the 2:10 Marathon champ and the 5:30 marathon competitor. Both were able to train for and run 26.2 miles,” said Conroy.

The Belmont finishers include:

  1. Charlie Conroy, 3:02:40
  2. John Carey, 3:05:20
  3. Damien Pinault, 3:14:55
  4. Becca Pizzi, 3:28:11
  5. Christina Pickering, 3:35:12
  6. Virginia Cox, 3:35:53
  7. Laurent Canneva, 3:36:42
  8. Glenn Imboywa, 3:37:50
  9. Carolyn Mehaffey, 3:50: 19
  10. Satomi Kato, 3:56:07
  11. Kelly Fanning, 4:01:18
  12. Kimberly Usseglio, 4:06:09
  13. Emily Seaver, 4:06:57
  14. Paul Firth, 4:08:09
  15. Cara Brickley, 4:14:09
  16. Peter Arsenault, 4:18:07
  17. Stefanie Baker, 4:36:28
  18. Apo Ashjian, 4:38:35
  19. Sarkis Chekijian, 4:38:36
  20. James Winter, 4:47:22
  21. Kaleigh Connors, 4:54:22
  22. Stephen Najarian, 5:04:06
  23. Carrie Palmer, 5:05:40
  24. Julie Holt, 5:27:03
  25. Richard Horgan, 5:28:26
  26. Kai Saukkonen, 5:30:59
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