Sold in Belmont: A Modern Day ‘Tara’ in Ol’ Belmont

Photo: 1 Sumner Lane.

A weekly recap of residential properties sold in the past seven-plus days in the “Town of Homes.”

1 Sumner Lane, It’s a mansion (2014). Sold: $3,200,000. Listed at $3,400,000. Living area: 6,440 sq.-ft. 14 rooms, 6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths. On the market: 246 days.

47 Moraine St., Contemporary condominium (1998). Sold: $685,000. Listed at $614,000. Living area: 1,963 sq.-ft. 8 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bath. On the market: 50 days.

15 Marlboro St. #2, Second-floor condominium (1906). Sold: $485,000. Listed at $449,900. Living area: 1,054 sq.-ft. 6 rooms, 2 bedrooms, 1 baths. On the market: 46 days.

• 15 Marlboro St. #3, First-floor condominium (1906). Sold: $439,000. Listed at $429,900. Living area: 1,001 sq.-ft. 5 rooms, 2 bedrooms, 1 baths. On the market: 46 days.

 124 Brighton St., Garrison Colonial (1940). Sold: $742,000. Listed at $699,000. Living area: 1,632 sq.-ft. 6 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. On the market: 52 days.

• 35 Gilbert Rd. #2, Condominium (1925). Sold: $635,000. Listed at $599,000. Living area: 1,907 sq.-ft. 8 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath. On the market: 67 days.

• 41 Clairemont Rd., Brick English Tudor-style (1942). Sold: $1,550,000. Listed at $1,599,000. Living area: 3,512 sq.-ft. 8 rooms, 4 bedrooms, 2-full, 2 partial baths. On the market: 92 days.

• 73 Lincoln St., Colonial (1928). Sold: $850,000. Listed at $899,000. Living area:1,900 sq.-ft. 8 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. On the market: 85 days.

The new mansion built on the recently laid out Sumner Lane (so new that it’s not on any maps) was likely inspired by the manse where Mr. Burns of “The Simpsons” reside. Can’t you see the new owner of this 6,000-foot HOUSE stepping out onto the portico proclaiming, “Release the hounds” onto any misguided residents who ventures onto to street to see this “big boy.”  

The roadway was initially going to be called “Strawberry Lane” but that name was dropped for this site off Concord Avenue and that’s a good thing. I think they wanted a connection with John Lennon but that would have been Strawberry Fields. 

I will give the developer and architect this: they found the proper place to put an oversized residential  building in Belmont, on 3/4 of an acre out in the edge of the woods. Its size actually gets absorbed into the landscape.

Not that the actual building has any architectural connection to New England, and the developer actually plays up on that fact. 

“The rolling lawns and graceful old trees will give you a feeling of the old south,” proclaimed the promotional material.

How ironic that they situation a new antebellum “Tara” on a street named after the Abolitionist senator from Massachusetts! How delicious! 

But wait, there’s more: 

“This stately brick front home will remind you of being in Colonial Williamsburg offering incredible views of conservation land and peeks of the Boston skyline. Imagine sitting on your front porch admiring the incredible Copper Beech tree that dates back to the Revolutionary War.”

What? Now its like the Lee Mansion in Virginia? 

Why didn’t the developer just say, we’re taking a standard design from successful big houses we built around Atlanta here in Belmont. When you’re paying $3 million plus, historical context be damn. 

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