Instrumental Music Information Nights This Week For 3rd, 4th Graders

Photo: Musical instruments.

Attention Grade 3 and Grade 4 parents: Attend one of the Instrumental Music Information Nights this week to learn about the amazing opportunities available to your students this year playing a musical instrument.

You’ll learn about the program, which instruments are available, and how you can sign up. And if you can’t make it to the Info Night in your school, you are welcome to attend any of the other sessions.

  • BURBANK: Monday, Sept. 12 (6:30 p.m., Burbank cafeteria)
  • WELLINGTON: Tues., Sept. 13 (7 p.m., Wellington cafeteria)
  • WINN BROOK: Wed., Sept. 14 (7 p.m., Winn Brook cafeteria)
  • BUTLER: Thursday, Sept. 15 (7 p.m., Butler cafeteria)

Questions? E-mail Arto Asadoroian, director of visual and performing arts.

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