Scrub-a-Dub: Commuter Bridge To Undergo Cleaning Today, Wednesday

Photo: The Belmont Center Commuter Rail bridge set for a cleaning in the next days.

One of Belmont’s iconic images will get its first cleaning in its history as the Belmont Center Commuter Rail bridge will undergo a power washing beginning Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 18.

The private initiative spurred by former Belmont Selectman Angelo Firenze and the Belmont Citizens Forum – which has been actively collecting private donations for the past several years to pay for the bridge cleaning – should be complete by Wednesday, Aug. 19, according to Town Administrator David Kale who made the announcement to the Board of Selectmen at its Monday, Aug. 17, meeting.

Well-known Belmont landscaping business, Dante Muzzioli Associates, will be performing the work. 

The washing will begin “after traffic” abates on Tuesday, and will “do as much as they can” before finishing on Wednesday. 

Kale said the private group received permission from the bridge’s owner, the MBTA, and is using volunteer donations to perform the work.

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  1. Grant Monahon says

    Cleaning the bridge has been a great example of different Belmont groups working together. It remains a work in progress as difficult to remove staining is addressed. D. Muzzioli Asso. has been doing effective late night work with input on cleaning products and methods from representatives of the Historic Commission. It is not an easy job to remove 100 years of dirt and grime. Many small and large contributors have helped fund this effort, including the Belmont Center Business Asso., Belmont Savings Bank Foundation, Flett and so many others. Angelo’s original initiative to clean the bridge is now underway. We will need additional contributions to pay for the extra time needed to do a great job. If any folks can provide additional support, it would be greatly appreciated. Contributions earmarked to the Belmont Citizens Forum, Inc. are tax deductible. Stay tuned and thanks for everyone’s support. Grant Monahon, President, Belmont Citizens Forum. see

  2. Richard DiBenedetto says

    Danny – will you be using Masonry Restoration Cleaner, scrubbing then pressure washing or pressure washing only? Those black streaks won’t come clean with pressure washing alone. Cheers from DiBen.

  3. Kirbet says

    Muzzy,you are a true man of the people. This will be a great project to have completed as the gateway to Belmont Ctr. And to showcase our newly renovated shopping district. It is nice to see the center revitalized and vibrant once again. Thanks again Muzzy.

  4. says

    The Belmont Citizens Forum has been actively collecting private donations for the past several years to pay for the bridge cleaning. There are a number of businesses in town, including the Belmont Center Business Association, that are owed a big “thank you” for their help. We are pleased that we are able to provide the funds via these donations to get the bridge cleaned. It will be a great addition to the entrance to Belmont Center. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.

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