Belmont’s COVID Infection Numbers Continue To Climb

Photo: Update on COVID-19 incidents and rates in Belmont

On the week the first vaccine approved to treat the coronavirus was being administered throughout the country, the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Belmont continues a steep rise in lock step with the rest of the country.

In the week ending on Thursday, Dec. 17, 121 Belmont residents contracted the virus, bringing the total number since March to 542.

The extent of COVID’s recent reach in Belmont can be seen mapping the rate of increase in cases over time. From a low point of 0.5 on Sept. 11, the average daily incidence rate (per 100,000) over two weeks has steadily climbed to 28.9 per 100,000 as of Thursday, Dec. 17, demonstrating that Belmont is in the midst of the second “surge” in COVID cases in the US.

Average Daily Incidence Per 100,000 People Over A Two Week Period

Sept. 110.5
Sept. 182.1
Sept. 252.1
Oct. 21.3
Oct. 92.4
Oct. 161.8
Oct. 232.9
Oct. 304.2
Nov. 64.5
Nov. 138.1
Nov. 209.4
Nov. 2710.2
Dec. 414.6
Dec. 1121.9
Dec. 1828.9

Belmont, along with its neighbors Watertown (1,023 total cases, an average daily incidence per 100,000 people greater than 50), Lexington (571 cases) and Arlington (809) are in the state’s designated “yellow” category which indicates a “moderate” risk of contacting COVID-19.

While the infection numbers have skyrocketed, the death count hasn’t budged from 60 since the last reported victim in late May.

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  1. Lincoln Grant says

    Isn’t the real issue sickness and ultimately deaths not positive tests? Can we stop the charade and deal with the illness? What happened to influenza? Zero this year? We all know the career politicians/parasites are smarter than regular folks. Can we just acknowledge that and then just move on. The silliness is embarrassing.

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