Belmont Fast: 37 Residents Complete BAA Marathon

Photo: The finish line of the BAA Marathon.

There are some fast neighbors in Belmont as 37 residents completed the 122nd BAA Marathon on a warm and wet Patriots’ Day on Monday, April 16.

They joined a capacity 32,500 runners who traveled the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston on the historic course of the world’s oldest marathon.

This year, three Belmont men broke three hours with 28-year-old Daron Holloway taking the top spot with a 2 hour, 52 minutes and three seconds, a six minute, 34 second per mile pace which placed him 1,285th. Lauren Phillips, 34, ran a stellar 3:09:25 for 430th place among female participants.

Also running yesterday was a chair of a Belmont committee (Russell Leino, Community Path, with the second fastest Belmont male time), a Nobel Prize winner (Wolfgang Ketterle) and a coach (Melissa Hart, Belmont High Girls’ Basketball).

Daron Holloway28 2:52:03
Russell Leino36 2:54:17
Martin Kronbuegel 42 2:58:32
Alfons Marquez47 3:04:14
Lauren Phillips34 3:09:25
David Marchefka35 3:25:42
Laurie Nahigian 48 3:29:59
Becca Pizzi39 3:31:44
Lynton Karfor40 3:36:20
Wolfgang Ketterle 61 3:36:28
Jeff Roth45 3:40:25
Sarah Poplawski 41 3:42:03
Konstantin Tyurin 51 3:45:18
Scott Dedeo38 3:45:18
Rachid Belhocine59 3:48:53
Michael Ascione 47 3:49:03
Julie Kellett 34 3:50:40
Katie Brace42 3:54:20
Michael Thomas52 4:08:21
Christine Bowe32 4:14:19
Ed Amer49 4:19:05
Satomi Kato
53 4:22:52
Alice Rushforth 57 4:36:00
Richard Newton30 4:41:51
Sarkis Chekijian 45 4:46:01
Young-Jin Cho45 4:46:58
Paul Firth51 4:51:05
Melissa Hart51 4:56:16
Lisa Engler41 5:01:02
Jennifer Knight41 5:19:55
Chris Hiserman40 5:23:24
Kaela Hale19 5:27:06
Peter Walker44 5:27:20
Kelly Chiu46 5:28:34
Kai Saukkonen 56 5:31:47
Alexandra Cellucci23 5:53:31
Awinja Otiato50 6:00:04

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