Take This Survey: Tell The Belmont Health Department How It Benefit Residents

Photo: The Belmont Health Department wants to know what you think about them

The Belmont Health Department would like residents to take a very short online survey about your experience and opinion about the department.

This survey is intended to measure the ways in which the community benefiting from the work of the health department, and its understanding of the resources available to you. In addition, it wants to identify any expectations or misconceptions concerning the department.

Answering the questions should take no more than 10 minutes, and residents may chose to write additional comments at the end.

Fill out the survey by clicking here.

Belmont Police Feedback Survey Now Underway ‘til Dec. 4

Photo: Belmont Police’s newly renovated headquarters in Belmont Center

The Belmont Police Department has embarked on a strategic planning process to map out the department’s direction for the next five years. The first step in the process is a survey for residents, visitors and people who have a commercial interest in the town. 

The survey provides an opportunity for citizens to comment on current conditions throughout the town to include:

  • the perception of crime,
  • quality of life concerns,
  • citizens’ perception of safety and security, and
  • what enforcement activities or services people would like to see improved or strengthened. 

It is important that we hear from our community and what is important to them regarding public safety.

The survey process will be available until Dec. 4. The Department will quantify the survey results and begin producing a plan for further action. The electronic survey can be accessed at this link.

The survey is anonymous.

If you have questions regarding this survey, send an email to: Collaboration@belmontpd.org

Is Town Government Accessible? Take The IT Committee’s Survey To Be Heard

Photo: The survey by the IT Advisory Committee.

Is Belmont government – Town Hall, Board of Selectmen or the Shade Tree Committee – as responsive as you’d like it to be? What changes would you make to make the process less burdensome and more democratic?

The town’s IT Advisory Committee is now polling Belmont community members about their interactions with town government whether they are elected officials or the many appointed bodies and how the town might improve its interactions with residents and make the work these committees do more accessible.

The link to the survey is: https://goo.gl/forms/bEKdZ0BWPNFKXdA03

The Advisory Committee is looking to have as wide a possible sample size of Belmont residents. The survey only takes a few minutes.

IT Committee Wants Your Opinion On Improving Resident/Town Engagement

Photo: Belmont is seeking to increase engagement with government and residents.

The Belmont Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) is conducting a short survey to assess how residents are engaging with the work of both elected and appointed committees in our town government. We are asking for your help. 

The survey’s purpose is to gauge how residents interact with elected and appointed government committees. We want to know how and where you obtain the information you need about the work your town government does. We are interested in your feelings about different options to leverage technology to increase public engagement in town government – for example: streaming committee meetings, remote participation for committee members and members of the public, and other activities. We would very much appreciate your input!

The survey shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete.

The link to the survey is https://goo.gl/forms/mbuNp6KT7uv0jCVs2

Paul F. Roberts, chair, Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)


Glenn Wong, vice chair