Biggest Moving Give Away Ever! Belmont High’s Surplus Furniture Up For Grabs July 2

Photo: It’s first come/first serve for surplus Belmont High furniture

The biggest moving give away ever in town history will occur on Friday, July 2 as Belmont residents will have the opportunity to take away surplus furniture from Belmont High School on a first come/first serve basis on Friday, July 2 from 9 a.m. to noon.

The give away will allow former students to retrieve their old desks for their apartments, designers who long for 1990-era furnishings to grab some vintage items or bargain hunters to stock up on hidden treasures.

And be prepared to take and carry: Items must be removed from the building during the give away, there is no holding of furniture, and there are no resources available to move the furniture so everyone must come ready to take the furniture by their own means.

The access area will be limited to spaces on the first floor of the high school; all other areas will be secured from access as the building is not be open for tours. Preliminary work on demolishing the circa-1970 building will begin in July to make way for the middle school portion of the new school and new playing fields.