‘Play, Music!’: 76 Belmont Student Musicians Earn Acceptance to Senior District Festival


The following announcement is from Arto Asadoorian, director of Visual & Performing Arts for the Belmont Public Schools.

This past Saturday, Nov. 18, 132 students from Belmont High School traveled to North Andover High School to audition for the Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) Northeastern Senior District Festival. These students spent weeks and months preparing an audition that required them to perform a piece of solo repertoire and demonstrate high levels of proficiency playing selected scales and sight reading. Auditions are judged by professional musicians, and the highest performing students are selected to perform in the MMEA-NED Band, Chorus, Orchestra, and Jazz Ensemble.

This year we are very proud to announce that 76 students from Belmont High School were accepted in the Senior District Festival. The question I will be asked by many in the community is, “Is this the most students that have ever been accepted?” The answer to that question is, “I really have no idea!”, since we don’t keep statistics like this on hand. What I can say is that I have been writing these e-mails every year for quite a while, and I don’t ever remember typing a number higher than 77.

Along with the students who were accepted, we must also congratulate those who auditioned and were not accepted – some by only the narrowest of margins. There are dozens of students who were one or two points shy of being accepted, which of course tells us that they are well-deserving of a place in the District ensembles.

The fact that so many of our students perform so well at these auditions each year is a direct result of their hard work, the support they receive from their parents, the excellence of the teaching faculty who work with them, and to the high value, our community places on music education in our schools.

Below is the list of students who were accepted to perform at the 2018 MMEA-NED Senior District Festival. Congratulations to these students and their families on this impressive achievement!

Idris Abercrombie Trombone
Rebecca Anderson Tuba
Eli Barnes Chorus
Merrill Barnes Chorus
Sam Bastille Chorus
James Boyle Chorus
Stephen Carvalho Chorus
Alyssa Chen Violin
Jason Chen Clarinet
Jessica Chen Viola
Katarina Chen Viola
Grace Christensen Chorus
Miriam Cubstead Chorus
Eleanor Dash Trumpet
Sylvian Davidson Tenor Saxophone
Tori Dignan Chorus
Emily Duffy Chorus
Garrett Eagar Trombone
Joia Findeis Viola
Mariko Findell Euphonium
Elizabeth Galli Chorus
Mary Galstian Chorus
Christopher Giron Bassoon
Alicia Grassia French Horn
Catherine Graves Chorus
Cameron Gurwell Euphonium
Sammy Haines Chorus
Honor Hickman Jazz Tenor Saxophone
Eva Hill Chorus
Allen Jang Chorus
Seiyoung Jang Trumpet
Wonyoung Jang Euphonium
Ethan Jin Jazz Trumpet
Nate Jones Jazz Trombone
Daniel Joh Kang Violin
Emily Kim Violin
Isabelle Kim Violin
Edward Lee Chorus
Miro Leeb Viola
David Leigh Flute
Meri Lochhead Chorus
Chris Lynch Trumpet
Philip Lynch Trumpet
Raffi Majikian Chorus
Jackson Mann Chorus
Natalie Marcus-Bauer Chorus
Clare Martin Alto Saxophone
Noah Merfeld Chorus
Matthew Miller Clarinet
Sebastian Newell Chorus
Charlotte Nilsen String Bass
Christina Noonan Chorus
Alex Park Jazz Trumpet
Chloe Park Trombone
Jessica Peng Flute
Calvin Perkins Trumpet
Olivia Pierce Chorus
Elisabeth Pitts Chorus
Audrey Quinn Violin
Connor Quinn Chorus
Valentine Reynolds Chorus
Annalise Schlaug Cello
Becca Schwartz Chorus
Lila Searls Alto Saxophone
Walter Shen Chorus
Ian Svetkey Chorus
Jason Tang Clarinet
Will Thomas Chorus
Shankar Veludandi Chorus
Allan Wang Clarinet
Alex Wilk Viola
Amy Wu Oboe
Andrew Xu Bass Clarinet
Alex Yang Cello
Clark Zhang Oboe
Henry Zuccarello Trombone