Protect Your Financial Info From Cyber Attack At Library Talk Saturday

Photo: Protect yourself from cyber attacks and data breaches. 
You may know Town Meeting Member Paul Roberts as a community gadfly, but he is also one of the leading voices in the world of cyber security as editor in chief of The Security Ledger. (If you run a business, manage an office or just worried that your personal financial information is being passed around internet cafes in the Ukraine, check out his website.)
After this month’s data breach of Equifax, which supplies credit information and other information services, could potentially affect 143 million consumers in the United States, what better person to talk about protecting yourself from online fraud and scams which Roberts will be doing on Saturday, Sept. 23 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Belmont Public Library.
In the two-hour workshop dubbed “Learn How to Protect Your Information Online,” Roberts, the chairman of the town’s Information Technology Advisory Committee, will discuss some common concerns of residents, including:
  • Are you concerned about online fraud such as identity theft or online banking scams?
  • Do you hear terms like “phishing attacks” but not know what people are talking about?
  • Are you interested in taking steps to protect yourself and your sensitive data online?
This class will give you the information and the tools you need to combat primary forms of cyber crime. Paul will then work with attendees on ways to improve their online security including the use of two-factor authentication and password managers.