A New CVS Coming to … Watertown

CVS Pharmacy, the Woonsocket, RI-based nationwide drug store chain, has announced it will be opening a new store they see serving the retail and pharmacy needs of a good portion of Belmont residents. But the second largest US pharmacy concern will be locating its newest store across the border in Watertown, on Mt. Auburn Street, not in the […]

The Week Ahead in Belmont: Chef Gerry Making Flat Bread and Tea at the Beech

If there is a non-holiday week in which Belmont becomes the preverbal ghost town, it is the first week in August. You can bring your antique cannon to Leonard Street, fire it and miss just about any living creature known to man before watching  the ball roll into the Wellington Brook. Here IS what’s happening in Belmont this […]

Musical Summer Sweet: Belmont Community Band Premiers at Payson Park

What began earlier this year as the hope of a summer diversion for Belmont musicians succeeded beyond the modest expectations of its leader as the Belmont Summer Community Band performed its inaugural concert at a special performance of the Payson Park Music Festival on Thursday, July 31. With only three rehearsals scheduled before its first-ever […]

Belmont House of the Week: 37 Franklin St.

A friend of mine once complained that newly-constructed homes have expanded in size to where “you need a pair of roller skates to get from the bedroom to the bath.” “What has happened to a cozy house?” she pondered. For those of a similar mind, then seek out residential structures built during and immediately after […]

Five Open Houses in Belmont this Weekend

From top-end to really affordable, these open houses are ready for you to walk through this summer weekend. 232 Prospect St. (Single family) 11 rooms, 4 bedroom, 3.5 baths. 2 car garage. Livable space: 3,220 sq.-ft. Lot size: 0.23 acres. What else? “Fabulous” third floor with spacious office, skylights, hardwood floors, bedroom, en suite bath, great […]

About Time: Belmont’s Craft Beer Cellar Named ‘Best of Boston’

Each August, Boston magazine publishes its annual list of what’s “best” around Boston; the “best” new restaurant, sticky bun, bikini wax (?!) and what not. There is a lot to quibble about the concept and how and who the magazine selects as the “best” – the magazine’s universe appears to be limited to a few miles emanating from its “axis mundi” at […]

Sold in Belmont: Mega-Ranch on the Hill Tops Seven Figures

A weekly recap of residential properties bought in the past seven days in the “Town of Homes.” • 163 Brighton St. Antique Colonial (1850), Sold for: $969,000. Listed at $895,000. Living area: 2,596 sq.-ft. 9 rooms; 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. On the market: 63 days. • 126 Waverley St. Garrison colonial (1957), Sold for: $875,000. Listed at $899,000. Living area: 2,257 sq.-ft. 9 rooms; 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. On the market: 49 days. • 182 […]

The New Community Band Premiers at Payson Park Thursday

The first-ever concert by Belmont’s new town band will take place at a special free event at the Payson Park Music Festival beginning at 6 p.m. tonight, Thursday, July 31. Led by Arto Asadoorian, the Belmont Community Summer Band consists of wind and percussion players ages 14 to “too old to ask,” said Asadoorian. The band members – which has a […]