Obituary: David Senatus, BHS ’13, Known For His Athleticism, Kindness

Photo: David Senatus (Facebook)

David Senatus, a well-loved member of Belmont High School’s Class of 2013 who played an integral part in the 2013 club rugby state championship team before traveling out west to start a new life died Wednesday, June 21 in what has been called an accidental drowning.

Senatus was 23.

“He was an incredible teammate, friend, and person and I’m going to miss him forever,” said Barrett Lyons, who was a good friend and teammate of Senatus on the Belmont High School football and club rugby teams. 

Greg Bruce, Senatus’ teacher and rugby coach, said the news of his death was “heart-wrenching” to those who knew “this unique young man with the big personality and great smile.”

Press reports from the Davis County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday said Senatus jumped from a popular rope swing attached to a tree branch into a pond in Farmington, Utah just after sunset just past 9 p.m. on Wednesday, June 21. After surfacing, Senatus was heading for shore when he began struggling before sinking below the surface.

After his friends could not locate him in the water, Emergency crews were called at 9:50 p.m. Senatus – who was visiting friends in the Salt Lake City area – was found shortly after 11:35 p.m. but could not be saved.

Law enforcement said cold temperatures of the water – the pond’s source is snow runoff – and “inefficiency while swimming” may have led to the drowning, which remains under investigation. Police said drugs or alcohol were not a factor.

With family in Boston and Belmont, Senatus transferred from East Boston High School to Belmont in his sophomore year.

“I remember the day I met David,” said Lyons. “His personality took over whatever room it was he walked into. Despite being the ‘new kid.’ Everybody who knew him loved and respected David immensely.”

“David’s sense of humor is what a lot of people will remember about him; one of the funniest kids I’ve ever met. He would have a group of guys legitimately rolling on the ground, uncontrollably laughing,” said his friend.

Bruce, who worked closely with Senatus during his time as a student in Belmont, said “David could have been negative about school but he never allowed himself to be that way. He was always upbeat, someone who worked extremely hard towards a better life.”

Senatus made an immediate impact on Belmont’s athletic fields.

“He worked extremely hard in athletics and was one of the most naturally gifted athletes I’ve ever competed with. That includes my brief stint playing Division 1 football… he was more athletic than everyone on that team,” said Lyons.

In his final Thanksgiving Day varsity football game, Senatus was matched up Watertown star receiver TJ Hairston. Despite losing, Senatus’ performance was remembered by the way he man-handled a tall (six-foot, five-inch) All-Scholastic receiver. 

“Hairston messaged me after David’s death, saying ‘that’s the one kid in high school who could shut me down.’ David didn’t even have experience playing corner, he was just a more gifted athlete than everyone else on the field. He was fast, strong, and vicious in contact,” said Lyons.

David played an integral part in Belmont’s Rugby Club’s 2013 State Championship campaign.

“I’ve never played with somebody who could just impose their will on others the way he did. We would never have broken St. Johns Prep six-year winning streak if it wasn’t for [him]. He broke an amazing 40 yard try with the clock running down. No way we win that game or the state championship without David,” said Lyons.

Bruce, who is Belmont’s long-time rugby head coach, used Senatus as the team’s “impact substitute,” inserting him in the second half of matches when the other team was exhausted.

“David would come in and be so physical, so fast, the opponent would struggle to stop him,” said Bruce, who recalled Senatus’ raw emotion not only on the pitch, but also from the sideline encouraging his teammates.

But it was Senatus great sense of humanity that is being remembered.

“David was also the type of kid who would say hi to everyone, especially those who looked like they needed it. In high school, we all know those quiet reserved kids who look uncomfortable socially. David would sit with these kids and treat them just like he would the varsity athletes,” Lyons said.

“Despite being one of the most intimidating kids to ever walk the halls of Belmont High School, David made sure everyone knew the kindness in his heart. He had that ‘treat the janitor the same way you’d treat the CEO’ attitude. And he was beloved for it. It’s just the way he was,” said Lyons.

After graduation, Senatus returned to Boston, for a time working at Abercrombie & Fitch.

Later, Senatus moved to the West Coast taking classes and playing football at a junior college in California before he was injured. He then moved to Utah with his brother and was working and taking classes at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City when he died.

A wake for Senatus will be held Friday, June 30 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Waitt Funeral Home, 850 North Main St., Brockton. A funeral service will take on Saturday, July 1 at 9 a.m. in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 79 Mt. Hope St., Roslindale. Burial to follow at Melrose Cemetery, on North Pearl Street in Brockton.

Sports: Belmont Rugby Starts Season With Win Over AC, 43-0

Photo: Before the game Friday.

The young men and women of Belmont High School Rugby Club started its 2016 season with a convincing win over Arlington Catholic High School, 43-0, on the pitch at Harris Field on Friday, April 1.

The most successful Massachusetts public school playing rugby XV – Belmont won a Division 1 state championship in 2013 and a Division 2 title in 2011 while going to three consecutive state finals from 2013-2015 – Belmont will have a special Saturday matinee (Saturday, April 9 at 2 p.m.) when the team takes on an always strong Needham High squad at Harris Field. 

And set aside “Tax Day” Friday, April 15 as the team hosts Boston College High in a rematch of last year’s state championship. The game is at 7 p.m. and will be a humdinger.

Belmont Falls to Boston College High in Rugby Championship Final

Photo: The boys up front, the core of the Belmont High School Rugby Club that held its own against undefeated Boston College High.

The 26 Belmont High School Rugby Club players gathered in a circle, after throwing in their soul and heart into every minute of the 70 played in the state championship game held Saturday, May 23, in Worcester.

In a classic battle that left bodies bruised and, in the case of senior back row/center Luke Perrotta, a jersey soaked in blood, Belmont were the equal of an undefeated and mostly untested Boston College High School club squad on the pitch on a breezy, warm afternoon.

Equal in all but one category, the score. In a game in which they honored the tradition built of past teams and a championship earned two years ago, the players walked off the ground beaten by the Eagles, 26-10.

But in the eyes of Belmont’s head coach Greg Bruce, there was no shame in the fight the team displayed on the biggest stage of the season.

“There’s nothing that takes away from the season that your had, the work that you put in, the bonds that you made out here this season. These bonds that you make in rugby can not be broken,” Bruce told his senior-laden team.

“Every day you had this jersey on, you did the club proud. You’re one hell of a team,” he said.

In a game that was close for three-quarters of the match, there was nothing fancy in how Belmont and BC High fought the game. Take the ball and ram it forward. For most of the first half, Belmont – who was playing with key offensive threat senior centre Campbell McCready who was injured in the semi-final victory against Bishop Hendricken on Tuesday – held the momentum edge as Belmont’s core – the seven men in the forward position – held their ground against the unbeaten Eagles.

“The defensive pressure was really, really good. We were coming off the line with a lot of power,” said Bruce, who brought his team to its third consecutive state championship finals on Saturday, winning it all in 2013. 

Leading the group were the three front row big men; senior props Omar Escobar and Deshawn Fredericks with senior Bryce Christian in the central hooker position. Backed by Nick Ryan, Perrotta (who played nearly the entire game with a badly-bloody nose), Peter Durkin and Jacob Hale, the group stood up to the Eagles, resulting in many BC High runs resulting in negative yards.

“Their [fly-half] (in rugby, the player who is the on-field tactician) was under pressure and dropped four or five balls,” said Bruce.

Administering the pressure, both defending and in the transition, were senior scrum half and captain Darren Chan (hero of the semi-final game against Bishop Hendricken on Tuesday), senior flyhalf Paul Campbell and junior “Number 8” Lowell Haska.

And that pressure allowed Belmont to move down the field where a BC High penalty allowed Chan to line up and convert an easy three-point penalty kick to give Belmont the early lead.

Yet BC High, with a collection of players from across the Boston area, was undefeated due to its ability to use its most effective player, their “number 8,” big, brawny senior Terry Cullen who would take the ball from the scrum – what most people associate with rugby: when restarting play, eight players from each team binding together in three rows and the ball is tossed into the maelstrom to be battled over – and passed off the ball or just lower his head and plow.

“BC High’s a great team, and they put us under pressure,” said Bruce. After grinding out 20 meters in the middle of a maul, Cullen scored a five-point try about 25 minutes into the 35 minute half. When the Eagles missed the conversion, they led by two, 5-3.

Belmont nearly took the lead late in the half when Campbell rumbled 20 meters against an exhausted BC High team, coming up just three meters short of the goal line.

Just a minute into the half, Belmont secured the ball deep in the Eagles end on a mistake. Seconds later, Campbell found wing Luke Gallagher with a pass that allowed the senior to cross the goal line. A Chan conversion gave Belmont a 10-5 lead, the first time this season BC High trailed in the second half.

While Belmont appeared to have momentum on its side, what it didn’t have was the steady wind at its back as in the first half.

“They played the territory game real well, playing the wind, pinning us back in our end. When we try to counter – which is our strategy – it was tough to do with a 20-mph wind in your face,” said Bruce.

BC High’s Billy Connos would send long kicks into Belmont’s end, and their wingers would stop Belmont’s backs without much gain. At the 15 minute mark, BC High was threatening inside five meters of the goal line. While Belmont put up two stellar defensive stances, the third time was the charm for Cullen who piled into try to give BC High a 12-10 lead after 18 minutes.

“He’s been a great player for the past three years. I’m glad he’s graduating,” Bruce said of Cullen.

And now it was Belmont’s time to make small errors that allowed BC High to take charge. No longer were Eagle wingers dropping the ball. Instead, they began running off passes to scamper downfield for long gains down their left side. Cullen’s third try of the game came soon after one-such venture to up the score to 19-10 with about 10 minutes left in the game. And a late try off a long run from wing Joe Souza provided the final score.

All that was left was for coaches and teammates to console those too tired, sore and spent to care about anything other then the defeat.

On that cloudless, warm late spring afternoon, it was too early for Bruce to ponder about the season. Rather, it was about the boys.

“For everyone in the league besides BC High. we were able to put it together and walk away on top,” said Bruce.

“They are such a coachable group they work so hard in training. Before the season started; 6 a.m. sessions in January, March in the snow, mud and the rain, classroom sessions. They put in so much time. This is such as a cerebral group,” he said.

Bruce said he would miss this large group of seniors – many who were on the team which won the state championship in 2013 – knowing several are going on to play college rugby “and we’re really proud that they are going to be doing that.”

“Our mantra is that you leave the jersey in a better place; through your effort, commitment, and dedication. Despite not winning, this team left the jersey in a better place.”

Belmont Rugby in State Championship Finals in Worcester Saturday Afternoon

Photo: Belmont High Rugby.

For the third consecutive year, the Belmont High School Rugby Club will be taking the pitch in Worcester today, Saturday, May 23, in the title game of the Massachusetts Youth Rugby Organization’s sixth annual State High School Championships.

Belmont meets Boston College High School at the Commerce Bank General Foley Stadium, 305 Chandler St., Worcester, at 2:15 p.m. The undefeated Boston College High defeated Belmont at its Dorchester campus in April. 

A donation will be requested from adult and high school spectators for the championship matches.  There will be no charge for kids below high school or for players and coaches in the jamboree matches.

Parking is available across the street.

Follow the results of the game via the Belmontonian Facebook and Twitter feeds. 

Chan Kicks Belmont Rugby into Third Consecutive State Finals in Epic Win

Photo: Senior Captain Darren Chan leading Belmont Rugby off the field Monday.

The traits of a good captain lie in three “Cs”: they care about the success of the team through example and encouragement while being consistent in playing to the best of their ability at practice and in games.

Finally, they must be courageous when the game and season are on the line, to step up and lead their team.

With two-and-a-half-minutes remaining in the state semi-finals on Tuesday, May 19, and trailing 2014 State Champions Bishop Hendricken High School by two points, 21-19, Belmont High School Rugby’s senior captain Darren Chan demonstrated all the characteristics of leadership in one decision.

After a yellow-card penalty for an illegal and brutal tackle on senior center Campbell McCready (who had scored two of Belmont’s tries), Belmont had the opportunity to attempt a three-point penalty kick to take the lead.

But for Belmont High School Rugby Head Coach Greg Bruce, the decision was a tricky one: the ball was 30 meters out from the goal post, a distance made more difficult due to the acute angle coming from the right sideline. Go for the kick and the lead (a miss would seal the game for Hendricken) or take the ball and attempt to score a try in the waning moments.

Bruce brought over Chan and senior wing (and varsity soccer player) Luke Gallagher and asked if either one were comfortable making the attempt.

“[Bruce] asked me if I could make the kick. I put it on my shoulders and said ‘I could,'” said Chan.

“[Chan] just said, I got the kick. I got the kick,” said Bruce. “All that mattered is that he felt confident in himself, he stepped up and led from the front foot.”

After waiting for nearly 10 minutes as McCready was taken from the field and with the large, boisterous Belmont crowd suddenly hushed, Chan lined up the free kick and saw it sail just inside the left post.

Three points, and the win.

“It felts like last year’s state championship,” said Chan, referring to the 21-19 Hendricken victory over Belmont.

“That was one of the toughest games I’ve ever been a part of. It was a good battle. Every player played their heart out, and we did what we needed to go win this game,” said Chan, who was a member of the 2013 state championship squad.

“Don’t ever accuse Belmont of quitting. Ever,” said Bruce to the players in the after- game huddle

Chan’s clutch kick sealed an epic victory over Hendricken and sends Belmont Rugby to its third consecutive Massachusetts Youth Rugby Organization state championships where the boys will meet first-time finalists Boston College High School, which defeated Xaverian Brothers High School in the other semi-finals, 43-17, on Tuesday.

The championship will take place at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 23, at Foley Stadium in Worcester.

Belmont’s (5-1) only loss this season was to the undefeated Eagles (8-0), 20-7, in April.

“It was a nail-biter to the end,” said Bruce after the game. “I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

“The game didn’t go the way we planned it,” the long-time head coach said. The team turned over the ball 20 times during the match” and usually you can’t win a game by doing that.”

“Our defense was phenomenal, but the problem is that we were playing defense way too much,” Bruce said.

The game begin with Belmont pushing forward for the first eight minutes of the 35 minute half as senior lock Nick Ryan and the red-head storm senior hooker Bryce Christian made a series of crushing tackles.

Yet this was not the same Hendricken team Belmont defeated April 1, 29-5 and using a turnover in Belmont’s zone, they punched in a quick try (worth 5 points) and the conversion kick (2 points) eight minutes into the match to lead 7-0.

“They have a strong core, and they like to ram it down your throat,” said Bruce.

But for the rest of the half, it was Belmont’s big men up front, seniors props Omar Escobar Jr. and Deshawn Frederick, who dictated play as they began wearing down Hendricken’s front line allowing Belmont to push the visitors backwards throughout the evening through the efforts of seniors Marco Perrone, Luke Perrotta and Peter Berens.

With Chan “quarterbacking” the team from the scrum half position, the team was rewarded when senior flyhalf Paul Campbell took the ball the final three meters to try at the 26-minute mark. Chan’s conversion tied the match. It appeared Belmont had a second try, but the ref determined that junior second row Lowell Haskett had dropped the ball crossing the goal line.

Hendricken appeared ready to break things open in the second half as they pulling off a pair of long runs. But during a rare attempt Hendricken made passing the ball to the wingers, McCready intercepted a back pass and scampered 50 meters by his lonesome for the try, to up Belmont’s lead to 14-7.

Then, in the fading evening light, the field’s lights went out as did the scoreboard. And so did Belmont’s energy as the visitors, with a pair of advantageous infringement calls against Belmont, allowed Hendricken to tie it up three minutes later.

McCready’s second try, helped by the wing play of senior Norman Kilavatitu, gave Belmont a 19-14 lead (the conversion, from an extreme angle, was missed). Yet, while both teams tired in the somewhat muggy conditions, Hendricken caught a break when Belmont turned over the ball for the final time and got a great side out deep in Belmont territory, scoring just after the lights came back on to go up 21-19 with just under four minutes to play.

Belmont was quickly able to retain the ball when McCready, being in a defenseless position after kicking the ball down the field, was flattened to the pitch by a Hendricken player. As medical attention was rendered, and he was taken off the field, Chan – who was the kicker for the football team – decided he would take the a shot at glory.

With players and coaches hugging each other after the final whistle, Bruce was asked about going back to the state championships for the third straight time.

“It feels pretty damn good,” he said.


Belmont Rugby Welcomes Back Rivals Bishop Hendricken in State Semifinals

Photo: The earlier match with Bishop Hendricken.

Belmont High School Rugby Club will be seeking its third consecutive trip to the state championships as the squad hosts tonight, Tuesday, May 19, the team it battled in the past two finals and defeated earlier this year in a historic victory.

Bishop Hendricken High School‘s rugby club will take on Belmont in a rematch of an earlier scrum which Belmont dominated, 25-5, back on April 1. The earlier victory was the first regular season win over the school from Warwick, RI. which holds a 5-2 edge over Belmont. The other win was in the 2013 Massachusetts Youth Rugby Organzation State Championship in Devens.

The match, on the Harris Field pitch, will start at 7 p.m. 

If victorious, Belmont will meet the winner of the Boston College High School/St. John’s Prep match in Worcester on Saturday, May 23. 

Belmont Rugby Ends Regular Season with Overwhelming Win, Playoffs Next

Photo: Belmont High School Rugby.

Despite the loss of captain senior scrum back Darren Chan, Belmont High School Rugby Club dominated a good Xaverian Brothers High School squad, 34-7, in the final regular season match held at Belmont’s Harris Field on Wednesday, May 6. 

Read the game recap here.

The team finishes the season with five wins against a single loss to Boston College High School. 

The victory gives Head Coach Greg Bruce’s squad an expected second seed in the Massachusetts Youth Rugby Organization High School championships and a bye for the first round.

Belmont tentatively will host a semi-final match at Harris Field on Tuesday, May 19. 

If successful in the semi-finals, Belmont will reach its third consecutive championship game which takes place on Saturday, May 23 at Commerce Bank Field at Foley Stadium in Worcester.

Dominating Second Half Powers Belmont Rugby By St. John’s Prep, 26-17

Photo: Ball Out! Belmont tackling knocked the ball out during match vs, St. John’s Prep.

Over the past two years, Peter Berens made countless great saves as the starting goalkeeper with the Belmont High School boy’s soccer, help leading the team to a sectional quarter- and a semi-finals.

On Wednesday, April 29, Berens was in the spotlight again, but for his speed and smarts as the senior fullback scored a pair of highlight reel tries as a dominating second half allowed Belmont High Rugby Club to defeat St. John’s Prep, 26-17, in an exciting – and at time, chippy – match between first division teams on the pitch of Harris Field.

“That was one excellent second half,” said Belmont Head Coach Bruce Greg. 

“We had 21 unanswered points and only one mistake gave them that try. This game says a lot where we are,” he said.

After a falling behind 12-5 at half time, Belmont was able to establish constant, physical pressure on the Danvers-based school – which three years ago had a five-year undefeated streak with nearly 50 consecutive victories – setting up the offense and Berens. 

About nine minutes into the half, at the 44 minute mark, Berens took the ball 40 meters from the try line and ran down the right sideline, sidestepped a pair of Prep defenders and sprinted in for a five-point try. Darren Chan hit the two-point conversion from an acute angle with plenty to spare, leaving the match knotted up at 12. 

Soon after, St. John’s Prep found itself two players down after a particularly violent hit by a Prep player on a Belmont player who was in the air. At the 50 minute mark, Belmont was on the front foot, pressuring St. John’s when Berens suddenly kicked the ball over the heads of the Prep defenders and outran the Eagles to retrieve the bouncing ball and dove into try. Chan again scored the conversion to give Belmont a seven-point margin, 19-12.

While St. John’s had the opportunity to take control of the game when a Belmont mistake gave the visitors the ball 20 meters out but a jarring tackle by senior back row Jacob Hale gave the hosts the ball. Over the next 10 minutes, Belmont forced the ball down the pitch through its speedy backs and kicking the ball forward for line-outs.

At the 61 minute mark, Belmont’s Luke Perrotta pushed his way over the line for the third consecutive try. A late Prep try did not threaten Belmont’s well-deserved victory. 

The team is now 4-1, 3-1 against Division 1 competition. The next match is against Xaverian Brothers High School on Wednesday, May 6 (the second night of Town Meeting) at 7 p.m. at Harris Field.

Belmont Rugby Knocked About by BC High for First Loss

Photo: Belmont Rugby.

Before the season began, Belmont High Rugby’s Head Coach Greg Bruce said he had heard rumblings that Boston College High School’s rugby club would be a challenger this year.

“BC High is coming into the season with high hopes,” said Bruce, noting that Belmont defeated BC High twice last season, including in last year’s playoff semifinals.

“But they’ve been really quiet about what they’re doing so that makes me wonder.” 

Bruce’s speculation of the Eagles’ aptitude was in evidence on a wind-swept field in Boston’s Columbia Point as Belmont came upon a highly physical BC High XV (for 15 players) that used its skill to win the ball after each tackle to take control of the match to defeat the visitors, 20-7, on Wednesday, April 15.

Belmont currently sports a 2-1 record against Division 1 teams, and 3-1 overall. 

After falling behind 5-0, Belmont’s senior captain Darren Chan faked out a defender and sped 25 meters for a five-point try (similar to scoring a touchdown) with Luke Gallagher kicking the two-point conversion to put Belmont out in front. 

But the host Eagles were able to take advantage of their superior skill at winning “breakouts” – the time after a tackle when players group over the ball to take possession of the ball – and not allowing Belmont to play its game of running its quick backs against its opponents.

While Belmont threatened BC through out the game, moving in close three times in the second half, BC High was able to make the stops they needed. A pair of late trys sealed the game in BC High’s advantage.

Belmont Rugby is currently on a week-long playing tour on the Algarve Coast of Portugal before meeting another historically-strong team, St. John’s Prep High School, on Wednesday, April 29, at 7 p.m. at Harris Field. 

Belmont Rugby Dominates State Champs Hendricken in Historic Home Win

Photo: Senior Wing/Center Norman Kilavatitu heading downfield with everyone in tow.

Belmont High School Club Rugby’s midweek match with visiting arch-rival Bishop Hendricken High School was expected to be a titanic battle between the finalists of the past two Massachusetts Youth Rugby Organization state championships.

But the match did not follow the anticipated script. Instead, on Wednesday night, April 1, the hosts placed a historic marker on the 2015 season by dominating the Hawks, 29-5, before the biggest crowd in recent memory for a rugby contest at Harris Field.

“A great night. I couldn’t be happier for the kids, they played fantastic,” said Belmont Head Coach Greg Bruce as he grabbed jubilant players to give each words of praise and encouragement.

The win marked Belmont’s first regular season victory over Hendricken in five attempts and only the second time it came off the field on top (the other time was Belmont’s 2013 state championship win).

On the pitch, the man of the match was senior flyhalf Paul Campbell to scored three five-point trys (the equivalent  of a football touchdown) and kicked a two-point conversion as he demonstrated the prowess and talent which made him a three-year starter.

Campbell’s opening try was a thing of beauty and smarts. Receiving the ball from captain and senior scrum half Darren Chan, Campbell kicked the ball over the heads of the defenders, charged through them, catching the ball between a host of Hendricken backs and carried Hawks over the touchline.


The first half – a game has 35-minute halfs – saw Belmont knocked back against its touch line twice but was able to withstand the initial push with overpowering scrums and rock solid defense as Chan repeatedly tackled his scrum half counterpart before he even could pick up the ball to start the offense and Campbell and Campbell McCready each made solid open field tackles that sent the Belmont sideline yelling its approval.

After Belmont’s first try, the Belmont steadily built momentum – as a number of key players arrived from performing in the High School’s Spring Concert – which allowed Campbell to handoff to Marco Perrone playing blind side flanker for the first time. With help from senior lock Nick Ryan, Perrone – hardly the biggest player on the grounds – rammed his way into touch.

Hendricken would not go quietly, producing a wonderful try with a 35 meter open field run and was gaining momentum as Belmont was down a man due to a 10-minute penalty when the half was called.

But the Hawks was feeling the effects of Belmont’s physical forwards and chasing the host’s speedy ends. Soon, it was Belmont going on wild runs down the sidelines, placing them in position to see Campbell collect a hat-trick and Perrone his second. With five minutes left, both teams began substituting senior players with youngsters as the victory was already sealed.

The keys to the victory were learned on the practice field, said Bruce.

“Hard work, lots of it, total commitment and no regrets every single day. That’s one of our mantras and they did it tonight,” said Bruce, pointing out Ryan “played out of his skin tonight” along with Bryce Christian, Peter Durkin, sophomore Eli Gullage and the big men up front, Deshawn Frederick, Jacob Hale and Omar Escobar.

“It was incredible. We asked the kids just react a little bit faster to everything, just a second faster. We knew if they did that, we’d win the game,” said Bruce, who has been the team’s head coach since the club’s inception.

The game will because a touchstone for the remainder of the season, said Bruce.

“We know BC High is coming into the season with high hopes so they are definitely someone to look out for, and St. John’s Prep, always dangerous. These are schools with a thousand-plus boys (Belmont High School has just a hair more than 550 young men). For some of those teams, it’s not a matter of rebuilding but reloading,” he said.