Prestwich Named Belmont School Committee Chair, Bowen As Secretary

Photo: Andrea Prestwich It was as simple as removing the word “acting” from her title as the Belmont School Committee unanimously voted to elevate Andrea Prestwich to Chair of the committee at its virtual meeting held on Tuesday, April 28. “I’m honored to be selected as chair and I will do my best and serve […]

Belmont’s Resident Astrophysicists Ready For Monday’s Big Eclipse

Photo: Belmont’s resident astrophysicists, Steven Saar and Andrea Prestwich, ready for Monday’s solar eclipse. Andrea Prestwich is approaching viewing Monday’s total solar eclipse of two minds. As an astrophysicist at Harvard’s Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory who explores the vastness of space through an orbital x-ray telescope – the Chandra X-ray Observatory – the coming eclipse is, well, disappointing […]

Town Election 2016: Paolillo Retains Selectmen Seat; Prestwich, Bicer on Schools, 18-Year-Old Tops Town Meeting Ballot

Photo: Supporters of top vote collector Dan Vernick on Election Day in Belmont. Mark Paolillo will be returning for a third (and final) three-year term on the Belmont Board of Selectmen as he easily beat back a spirited campaign from political novice Alexandra Ruban in the 2016 Belmont Town Election held on Tuesday, April 5. Paolillo […]

Letter to the Editor: Variety of Reasons to Support Prestwich for School Committee

Photo: Andrea Prestwich. To the editor: We are writing in support of Andrea Prestwich for a three-year term on the Belmont School Committee. Her professional background makes her eminently well qualified for that position; among other responsibilities, she oversees projects and manages a multimillion dollar budget for the Chandra X-ray Observatory, and she serves on […]

Letter to the Editor: Prestwich Professional Experience Value to School Committee

Photo: Andrea Prestwich To the editor: I met Andrea Prestwich and her husband Steve Saar ten years ago. Our kids have sung in the choir and attended Sunday School together, and more recently participated in Chenery Middle School’s extraordinary instrumental music program together. We have become good friends as our kids have aged from 2 to […]

Letter to the Editor: Prestwich Will Bring Balance to School Committee

Photo: Andrea Prestwich. To the editor: I express my support for Dr. Andrea Prestwich, candidate for School Committee. Andrea has two children who currently attend Chenery Middle School. She leads small ministry groups at the First Church, Belmont, and is an avid member of the choir. At work, Andrea is an internationally respected astrophysicist who oversees […]

Gravitational Waves: Belmont Astrophysicist Tells What the Fuss Is All About [Video]

Photo: Belmont’s Andrea Prestwich of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory at Harvard. It’s not every day that an astrophysicist walks through the doors of Belmont Town Hall. So when it happened on Friday, Feb. 12 the Belmontonian took the opportunity to ask one; Andrea Prestwich of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory at Harvard – and a Belmont resident, to […]