Wednesday Final Day to Register for State Primary

Since Massachusetts is considered a very “blue” state, one can expect the Sept. 9 Massachusetts Party Primary Election will generate the most excitement for all the state-wide races being contested this year.

If you don’t want to be left out, then you have until today, Wednesday, Aug. 20, to register to vote in the party election.

To help residents, the Belmont Town Clerk’s Office, located on the first floor of Belmont Town Hall in Belmont Center, will remain open until 8 p.m. today, according to Town Clerk Ellen Cushman.

And you will only be allowed to vote in the election if you are registered as a member of a political party that is holding a primary election – such as the Republican and Democrat – or are unenrolled. Residents can change their party affiliation or become unenrolled at the Town Clerk’s

Any Belmont resident who is 18 years or older and a citizen of the United States can register to vote.

If you were a registered to vote in another town or state, you’ll need to register as a voter in Belmont in order to vote here.

Voter registration and changes to party affiliation, name or address (within Belmont) documents are available at the Town Clerk’s office in Belmont Town Hall, 455 Concord Ave. or online at the Town Clerk’s web pages.

Absentee Ballot Application

Forms for individuals who qualify to receive an absentee ballot due to absence from Belmont on Election Day or physical disability preventing the voter from going to the polling place or religious belief. A voter may request a ballot in writing to the Town Clerk but the request must include the voter’s signature.

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