This Year’s Belmont Town Day ‘Just Right’ [Photos]

Photos: Rosie, Town Day’s Top Dog.

It was a Goldilocks Town Day: Not too hot, or too wet. Saturday, May 20 was “just right” in Belmont Center as the annual event sponsored by the Belmont Savings Bank and the Center’s Merchants Association went off without a hitch.

Vintage autos – the car show winner was Jeff Madar with his 1972 Datsun 240Z – food, the money “cube,” merchants, organizations and plenty of rides – be it mechanical or animal (yes, there were two camels in the Homer Building’s parking lot) – to satisfy kids and adults alike. The bright sun sent some home with the season’s first sunburn if they were not careful.

One of the day’s highlights was the annual dog show as mutts and purebreds strutted on the catwalk. The Nolan’s family’s Gus, a French bulldog, was the favorite of the Belmont Savings’ Facebook voters while Rosie, a mutt – owner Mike Jones thinks she could be a Border Collie/Foxhound mix – who was adopted from a shelter that brought her up from Alabama won the Town Day crown. Seven-year-old Molly Jones, who was hanging onto Rosie’s lead with all her might, said she and Rosie likes to dance with each other. “But she’s not in the mood right now,” said Molly. 

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