The FYI on Voting in the ‘Super Tuesday’ Presidential Primary Next Week

Photo: Belmont votes next Tuesday.

Ready to vote in next week’s “Super Tuesday” presidential primary? It’s a little trickier than a regular election for several reasons so Belmont Town Clerk Ellen Cushman has released a primer on casting a ballot next Tuesday, March 1. 


Your enrollment as a voter will determine which party ballot you may vote at that ballot box.

There are four political parties in Massachusetts. If you are enrolled in one of these four political parties, when you go to the polls to vote March 1, 2016, but you can only vote the ballot for that specific party:

  • D – Democratic Party
  • R – Republican Party
  • J – Green-Rainbow  Party
  • CC – United Independent Party

Only voters who are not affiliated with a political party, called Unenrolled (U – commonly known as No Party or “Independent”) and voters in Political Designations may choose any one of the four party ballots when voting in Primary Elections.

The deadline to make any changes to voter registration effective for the March 1 election, such as new voter registration, change of party or home address was Feb. 10.


The Town Clerk and Board of Registrars of Voters look forward to very high voter participation. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Voters are encouraged to check their voter registration status and voting precinct before they go to vote by visiting the Town Clerk’s webpage.

Voters who have not returned a census in 2015 or 2016 are classified as “inactive” voters, a status that requires the voter to present identification in order to return to the active voting rolls.  Think about carrying your ID when you go to vote to make the process simpler on election day.


Voters who will not be in Belmont during voting hours; have a physical disability preventing the voter from going to the polling place; or due to religious belief are unable to vote on election day qualify for absentee ballots. 

In-office absentee voting is underway at the Town Clerk’s office daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., through noon on Monday, Feb. 29.  Applications and requests to mail an absentee ballot must contain the signature of the voter or an immediate family member and must arrive at the Town Clerk’s office by Noon on Feb. 29.


Belmont Police will designate some voter parking at each of the polling locations however with a very busy election, parking close to the polling locations is often a challenge. Plan ahead: consider walking, carpooling with a friend or voting “off peak” during the middle of the day.  Only voters who arrive at the precinct and are in line for the Voter Check-In before the close of polls at 8 p.m. can be permitted to vote; those who arrive too late will miss out.  


  • Precinct One: Belmont Memorial Library, Assembly Room, 336 Concord Ave.
  • Precinct Two: Belmont Town Hall, Selectmen’s Room, 455 Concord Ave.
  • Precinct Three: Beech Street Center, 266 Beech St. 
  • Precinct Four: Daniel Butler School Gym, 90 White St.
  • Precinct Five: Beech Street Center, 266 Beech St.
  • Precinct Six: Belmont Fire Headquarters, 299 Trapelo Rd.
  • Precinct Seven: Burbank School Gym, 266 School St.
  • Precinct Eight: Winn Brook School Gym, 97 Waterhouse Rd., Enter From Cross Street.

Don’t know your voting precinct?  Visit the Town Clerk’s website for a list of Belmont precinct assignments by street:

  1. Select Town Departments,
  2. Select Town Clerk, 
  3. then select Elections: Information for Residents  and scroll down the page.

Or go directly here.

If you would like further clarification of your party, voting  status, voting precinct or have any other questions related to the upcoming election, please call the Belmont Town Clerk’s Office at 617-993-2600 or email:

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