Six Prelim Applications for CPC Funds Move To Next Round

Photo: Grove Street Park which had two projects OK’d by the Community Preservation Committee.

Two big recreation projects will take nearly two-thirds of the proposed funding sought by local groups and town departments through Belmont’s Community Preservation Fund for the coming fiscal year.

Applications to make repairs on the final of three town tennis courts and planning for the renovation of a well-used park/playground along with four other projects totalling nearly $1 million were approved unanimously by the Community Preservation Committee last week.

The approved applications are: 

  1. Grove Street Tennis Courts: $336,000, Jay Marcotte, director of DPW.
  2. Belmont Headquarters Sons of Italy: $25,000, Cynthia Pasciuto, Culture Commission
  3. Music Hatch at Payson Park: $50,000, Tommasina Olson, Payson Park Music Festival
  4. Assessment and Project Redevelopment of Sherman Gardens: $173,000, Donna Hamilton, Belmont Housing Authority
  5. Grove Street Park Intergenerational Walking Path Construction Site Plan: $35,000, Donna Ruvolo, The Friends of Grove Street Park
  6. PQ Playground Revitalization Project Phase 2: $300,000, Julie Crockett, Friends of PQ Park.

The next Communiy Preservation Committee public meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. in the Board of Selectmen’s Room on Thursday Nov. 10, where the applicants will present their proposals before the public and the CPC, answer any questions and solicit feedback about the projects.

As of June 30, the CPA had an available fund balance of about $873,000. The conservative projection on fical 2017 collections from town tax revenue and state contributions is $1.2 million, which means roughly $2 million will be available by the close of the fiscal year on June 30, 2017. 

Belmont raises money for its Community Preservation Fund by imposing a 1.5% surcharge on local real estate taxes. 


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