Selectmen Chair Williams Not Seeking Re-election (Caveats Included)

Photo: Jim Williams

The question to Belmont Selectman Jim Williams was straight forward as was his answer.

Are you running for re-election?

“No, I am not,” said the chair of the selectman.

But, as Williams would tell the Belmontoian as he was walking home from attending the welcoming session for teachers and education staff at Belmont High School on a warm, Tuesday morning, Sept. 5, his answer has three parts. 

“The second sentence is everything is subject to change,” said Williams with a chuckle.

OK, so is the former Wall Street banker just hedging his bets? What gives? 

“But honestly, I don’t want to run. Guess how old I’ll be in June? I’ll be 72 years old. That means serving until I’m 75,” Williams said, adding the job puts limits on his travel and family plans.

“So what I’m saying is that I’m not running. I’m not forming a committee, not raising any money,” said Williams

But it was the third part of his announcement that turned out to be the most intriguing 

“It’ll also depend on who’s running,” said Williams. He would not name names of those who would run which would trigger his re-entry into the political fray. 

Williams said he felt that he’s accomplished much since winning a seat on the board in 2015 with a major upset of Andy Rojas, beating the incumbent by 500 votes while topping the 4,000 vote mark. The Indiana native and US Navy veteran point to the number of homeowners who have installed solar arrays with his promotion of alternative energy and the restructuring of the town’s pension funding structure which will save Belmont $15 million.

“I think those are significant changes to the town,” said Williams.

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  1. Jim Williams says

    Franklin is very kind to report out on the question he asks after Labor Day of every Selectman incumbent who is up for reelection. If I may add, our campaign three years ago was primarily about residential solar and new strategies for funding employee benefits. Both have been addressed, since, yet not just by me as municipal government has its own relentless pace and myriad considerations in pursuit of the common good. Mark and Sami listed the Town’s many accomplishments during their administrations at the 2015 and 2016 Town Meetings. However, both would be the first to acknowledge that it takes many hands to get the work done and make the tough decisions.. I have seven months to go before April 4th 2018.and we have much to do. Similarly, looking forward to the next three years, there is an obvious need a deeper leadership bench and I’m hopeful new Selectman candidates will step forward as that duty calls now that the door is wide open. Best regards.

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