Saturday’s Belmont Town Day Postponed As Rain Heads This Way

With heavy rain anticipated to settle over the region this Saturday, the sponsors of Belmont’s Town Day have decided to put the annual day-long celebration on hold for a couple of weeks.

The Belmont Center Business Association made the decision to postpone the yearly event . Town Day will now be held on Saturday, May 31 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“I’m Mr. Positive,” said John Gallagher, a manager at Champions Sporting Goods who has spent the better part of the year setting up the annual event where Leonard Street is closed to traffic and businesses and organizations set up booths along side music, food and entertainment for kids.

While Belmont Town Day has been cancelled, it has never been postponed to a latter date.

“We spent three months planning this and we don’t want to kick it to the side,” said Gallagher, calling the vendors and participants to see if they would be around on the 31st which they were.

“Let’s keep our fingers crossed,” said Gallagher.

More information on Town Day can be found by visiting the Belmont Center Business Association’s website.

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