Reduced Price Rain Barrels Now On Sale Thru Sustainable Belmont

Photo: The rain barrels come in three suburban colors.

It’s Rain Barrel time in Belmont

Again this year, Sustainable Belmont is partnering with the Great American Rain Barrel Company of Hyde Park, to offer rain barrels to residents at nearly half the retail cost.

“Last summer’s drought was a wake up call that every drop of water is precious. We’re offering this program to help manage rising water costs and save vegetation from drought conditions,” says Amanda Mujica, a volunteer with Sustainable Belmont.

“Rain barrels are an effective way to collect and save water… and plants love unchlorinated rain water.” Barrels are easily connected to the downspouts and fill quickly, resulting in a significant source of water that homeowners could be tapping into for free.

Residents that use a rain barrel collect as much as 1,500 gallons in a season. This will save existing or new landscaping when a dry spell hits and supplement outdoor water usage, which spikes during the growing season. 

Just keeping a small 10’ x 10’ garden irrigated during the summer months can mean using up to 1,700 gallons of water. Based on the average roof size, more than two 60 gallon rain barrels would fill for every fifth of the inch of rainfall. The Great American Rain Barrel Company recommends one barrel for every 100 square feet garden. Multiple barrels are easily linked together for additional collection and storage.

The barrels are offered in three colors; Forest Green, Earth Brown or Nantucket Gray at the low cost of $69; 40 percent off the retail price of $119. Belmont buyers benefit from an additional savings of $10 because Sustainable Belmont volunteers are handling the distribution. The barrels are made from recycled food shipping containers.

Mujica will be at the Belmont Farmer’s Markets on June 8 and 15 with a Rain Barrel and Composter display. If you’re curious and want to learn more about integrating rain barrels and composters into your gardening, stop by. The Belmont Farmer’s Market is from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Belmont Center in the Clafin Municipal Parking Lot.

To take advantage of this offer please visit the company’s website, click on “Community Programs” and look for “Belmont” or contact via email, or phone 800-251-2352.

Prepaid barrels will be available for pick up on Saturday, June 24, from 9 a.m. to 11:00pm at the Belmont DPW parking Lot, C Street.

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    When the cheap spigot breaks you will want to replace it with parts found at Take a look at the overflow port! Does the lack of size concern you? It should, as common sense will have you wondering how a 2×3 or 3×4 worth of water is going out a garden hose outlet after the barrel has filled! You may also want to consider a seasonal diverter to keep the water from entering your rain barrel in the winter time. – There’s more to collecting then shoving a poorly designed barrel under a severed downspout

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