Police: Allegation of Anti-Freeze Placed at PQ Park Proven Untrue


The Belmont Police has closed their investigation of allegations a person was spreading automotive anti-freeze in Pequosette Park off Maple Street after the person who witnesses reported was making the warning recanted what he told the residents.

In a press release released Thursday, April 7, Belmont Police Assistant Chief James MacIsaac said the police department received information on April 4 from two residents who told police they were informed that a person had “spread antifreeze” in the park.

“The Belmont Police investigated the allegations and on April 4, 2016, police spoke to the person who had reportedly witnessed the incident,” said MacIsaac.

“That person told police he had not seen anything.  This person further stated that he believed there was no antifreeze spread at the park and that the park was safe for dogs,” reported MacIsaac.

During its investigation, BPD could not find any evidence that antifreeze was placed in Pequossete Park. 

“Pending any forthcoming information, the Belmont Police consider this investigation closed,” said MacIsaac.

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  1. says


    I should have written to you earlier as I was going back and forth on your first comment. In the end, “lynch mob” is not the phrase I would want to print as it is a pejorative and some people are sensitive to “lynch” as in lynching. And do you think that someone should be lynched for doing this? Also, the police aren’t lying when they issued its report. I think if you could expand on your comments without some of the phrasing, I would be happy to print the reply.

  2. Jana says

    This is very suspicious. I do not believe that this should be closed
    There were two people that reported it
    How would the police see any evidence?
    Should we wait until an animal is poisoned and dies?

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