PHOTOS: Second Sunny Saturday Greets Rescheduled Belmont Town Day

Would Belmont Town Day, delayed a fortnight by rain that never came, be dampened by precipitation on the day it was rescheduled, the last day of May?

Two weeks previous, predictions of a stormy weekend by weather forecasters forced the hand of Town Day’s hosts, the Belmont Center Business Association, who postponed the yearly event. 

That Saturday turned out to be the best weekend of the year, warm without a cloud in the sky all day.

With fingers crossed, John Gallagher, a manager at Champions Sporting Goods who helps manage the yearly festival, said he was expecting the same conditions on Saturday, May 31.

“We’re due,” he said.

But that prediction appeared a bit iffy as the same weather prognosticators predicted showers on Saturday morning.

Thankfully, the experts were incorrect for a second time as the entire day was just as sunny but just a bit cooler for the crowds to came to Belmont Center for a day of fun and food.

Sponsored by Belmont Savings Bank, events as diverse as kiddy rides, a petting zone sponsored by the Lions Club, eats and tables manned by organizations and businesses lined Leonard Street as the multitude of residents and visitors browsed, rode and walked the scene.

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