Open/Closed In Belmont Center: CVS Opens In New Location; Bank America Closing In June [Update]

Photo: The new location of CVS/Pharmacy next to Trinktisch

Two established businesses in Belmont Center are on the move.

CVS/Pharmacy officially opens this week – although hastily placed signs continue to say it is not open – in its new location adjacent to Trinktisch across Leonard Street from its former site. The move which was anticipated since last year leaves the former location at 60 Leonard St. vacant, adding to the number of empty storefronts in Belmont’s main business center.

Still not open.

And that number will grow when the Bank of America Financial Center at 72 Leonard St. closes the branch and the ATM for good on June 19, according to Belmont Center Business Association President Gerry Dickhaut.

“I don’t know what’s going in there, but I know the landlords are looking at possible tenants,” said Dickhaut, saying he’d prefer to see a retail store that will increase foot traffic to the center, ”like a telephone store or a shoe store.”

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  1. SB says

    The vacancies are partly the result of closing off 2 way car traffic and reducing parking on Leonard St. the last 2 years.. Only restaurants benefited during the outdoor cafe era, while other retailers suffered greatly. There are still too few parking spaces on the street. Reduce parking and you reduce foot traffic and browsing. Not everyone goes to Belmont Center to eat. It’s hard to access the stores from the parking area behind the stores, except for those that have direct access. Stores on the other side of Leonard St. are stranded.

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