Letter to the Editor: Customer Wants Bank CEO to Re-Deposit Original Center Plan

Photo: Belmont Center.

[Editor’s note: This message was originally sent to Robert Mahoney, CEO of Belmont Savings Bank.]

Dear Mr. Mahoney:

My husband and I are customers with accounts at the Belmont savings bank. We are also residents of Belmont.

We are outraged at the last minute change to plan B for the Belmont Center renovations which would reduce the originally planned and approved green space in Plan A. We and many members of the community have contacted the selectmen, and there is a petition to restore to Plan A. You have been named in the Belmontonian website news article of supporting plan B even against the overall community’s support of Plan A that was developed over the years. 

Under Plan A, there would be families and students and folks of all ages who could enjoy being in the green space under the large sign of Belmont Savings Bank. There couldn’t be a better long term advertisement for generations to come who would associate their childhood memories with the bank.  And the bank would physically be a central part of the community’s activities. Under Plan B, it is at risk of being a dead and obsolete space with the bank sitting in its ivory tower.

Although you are not one of the selectmen who voted for plan B, you are an influential person to them, and sadly the communities’ voice does not seem to be enough of an influence to our representatives.

So, I urge you to reconsider and contact the selectmen to endorse plan A 

Gi Yoon-Huang

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