It Is Friday the 13th: Vehicle Climbs To New Heights During Morning Commute

Photo: Up in the air (by permission Lucas Tragos)

It’s bad enough getting into an accident, but to do it in such a unique and spectacular fashion as one driver did in Belmont on Friday, the 13th; now that’s seriously bad luck. 

Thankfully, the driver of this late model sedan was not injuried in this single car crash on Hittinger Street that caused traffic delays in the area of Belmont High School. 

While there is nothing amusing about a collision with a pole, some of the comments on the Belmont Police Department’s Facebook page are rather astute.

Jeff Levy Oh yea….The old “stuck on a utility pole while popping a rear lighty” happens all the time to me.

William Brimmer Nice driving skills. Wish I could park my car sideways at that angle without shattering the windshield or the laws of physics.

Dave Osterberg an electric car desperate for more juice????? BHS’ new parking plan???? Drivers ed snap quiz on parallel oops sorry perpendicular parking????

And my favorite:

Tom Griffiths Viral marketing campaign for the all-new 2017 Chevy Wallenda?

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