Helping Gerry: Benefit Tonight for Belmont Business Owner in Need

It’s where your swimmer selected their first goggles and “racing” suit for the Belmont Aquatic Team. Your children’s hockey and figure skates are sharpened downstairs. The beginner’s lacrosse set, soccer cleats size children’s 4 and gloves and bats for minor league youth baseball players were all bought there.

If you’re from Belmont, you got them at Champions Sports Goods in Belmont Center.

And it’s not just a place to outfit your kids: where else can you obtain a “Belmont” cap and T-shirt, a box of baseballs, running shoes and a million other sporting goods? It’s where generations of high schoolers worked their first job, a place to pick up tickets for Belmont High theater productions and the store of the Lucky-size Sneaker Sale.
And who hasn’t used the store as the “official thru way” from the municipal parking lot to Leonard Street?

Champions is not just a sporting goods store but a community amenity; a service and benefit to residents that is becoming an anomaly in the world of retail.

And the face of Champions is Gerry Dickhaut. Easy going, affirmable and a little bit funny, Dickhaut is the business, opening the store in 1988 in his parent’s hometown. He patiently advises customers on the most appropriate equipment, knows where the most obscure items are located and will just stand by the cash register and talk with you about his love of golf – he shots in the 70s on a good day – until a customer comes in.

As president of the Belmont Center Business Association, he fosters events such as Belmont Town Day, Midnight Madness Sales and Belmont Turn on the Town and promotes locally-owned businesses because, as he is fond to point out, two-thirds of every dollar spent at an independent-owned store stays in the local community as opposed to a quarter for national chains.

Last week, Dickhaut lost his home to an electrical fire.

Dickhaut’s friends throughout Belmont have organized a benefit tonight, Monday, Nov.3 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Belmont’s favorite hangout, Conley’s Pub & Grille in Watertown at 164 Belmont St.

Gift card donations (Visa/Mastercard) are welcomed. Every donation will make a difference. In addition, a web donation site is being organized by Belmont Second Soccer.

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  1. says

    I have known Jerry for some time now through his store in Belmont. Since my boys (now 21 & 22) played T ball as I coaches them and all the way up to High School Hockey with our illustrious hockey coach.
    In that all my equipment was purchased there. Unless my boys once or twice wanted those
    Elite skates or Pads that he didn’t carry. Although he could have gotten them!

    I would like to add Gerry was one of the driving forces in the Belmont Youth Lacrosse program from its inception. When I developed this program with its Board members, back in 03 I was somewhat unsure of how to. So between his support and connections in town the BYL was formed. He supplied our whole program through his store and he always got us the best deals through his connections.

    I only hope that the Youth Lacrosse Program has reached out to him as I am sure they did.
    I myself haven’t been in town for 3 years or more so I am a little late in receiving this information.
    As a past town supporter past founder & president of BYL as well a JV Lacrosse coach of the High school back then. I hope even some of the boys who played sports as well know MR DickHaut will reach out to him when they get back from College this Holiday season.
    FYI: Did any know he has been an ambassador at the Children s Hospital for Many Moons.
    One day he told me this heartbreaking story for just being there on his Thursdays off work, had brought tears to my eyes.
    He truly is one of the good guys !!
    Gerry I hope to see you this holiday season
    Be well
    Paul Vogan

  2. Derek Cunningham says

    Gerry. So sorry to hear this. Thank you very much for your help during the filming of Top Chef. I’m currently overseas but will stop by and speak with you in person as soon as I return. Happy to help. You and your business have been a Belmont tradition.

    Thank you again. See you soon.

  3. Tim Graham says

    I want to thank everyone for the incredibly generous support last night! The event was a huge success and the turnout was tremendous.

    • Jean Grace says

      Hi Tim,
      I went to Belmont High with your sons. I have known Gerry for a long time. Where can I make a donation? I couldn’t make it last night.
      Jeanie Grace

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