‘Grim’ News for Heroin Dealer Arrested in Belmont

Photo: Belmont Police K9 Officer Corey Taylor and Grim.

A Boston man was arrested Friday morning, Feb. 27 by Belmont police – with a big assist from the department’s K9 officer, Grim – for allegedly selling heroin in Belmont.

The arrest of Harrison Soto-Zuazo, 34, of Jamaica Plain, came after Belmont police received complaints from resident of street-level drug deals being conducted in town, according to the Belmont Police.

Belmont Police Det. Michael Pugliese, along with members of the Suburban Middlesex County Drug Task Force, conducted a investigation that led to a search warrant being issued for Soto-Zuazo’s motor vehicle.

At 11:43 a.m. Friday, detectives observed Soto-Zuazo operating his vehicle on Pleasant Street. After stopping Soto-Zuazo’s vehicle and not finding any illegal narcotics, detectives called Belmont Police K9 Officer Corey Taylor and Grim. The K9 officer performed a search of the vehicle and Taylor reported to the detectives that Grim had given an indication that there were narcotics in the rear portion of the center console. Examining the console closer, detectives discovered an aftermarket modification that revealed a “hide” inside the vehicle. Inside detectives discovered 68 grams of heroin.

Soto-Zuazo was charged with trafficking in heroin, furnishing a false name, refusing to identify himself, use of a false RMV document and operating on a suspended license.


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  1. Charles Cresine says

    That a boy K9. Can we upgrade him to defending the President here in Washington DC at the White House. Remember some how last summer a crazy attack man jumped the fence & made it over & into the White House before being caught just outside the President’s Personal section of the White House.. They fired several heads of the Secret Service & 50% of them are from the Boston metro area (Boston Globe)? Yes it is true Tip O’Neil & Ted Kennedy ruled the good old days. But these White House dogs have just wimped out. They must have taken one sniff of that crazy Jumper & said “hell I am not biting your butt?” We need tough Belmont K9’s. Thank god they did not have K9’s back in my day growing up in Belmont with many of you folks. Many now, famous, rich, middle class & poor, but we all had one thing in common & that was common our love for Belmont. Can we create & donate a “tasty treat PETCO reward for our hero?” Charlie Cresine 87 Richardson Rd. Belmont MA. What do you all think?

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