Four Roadways Added To Pavement Repair Program With Granite Curbing For Goden

Photo: Four streets were added to the Pavement Management Program in Belmont

Four roads will undergo pavement construction this fall as the Select Board signed contracts for approximately $968,000 on Monday, July 19.

The low bid, which came in under the engineer’s estimate of $1.070 million, was awarded to R.M. Pacella of Plainville which is currently working on the pavement contract for fiscal year 2020. The bid was broken up into two parts: $732,100 for the roads and $235,600 in related sewer repairs.

While the usual number of streets in the annual program is around 13, the lower number of roads on this year’s list is due to the town’s transfer the funding of the previous fiscal year’s program into general funds due to lost town revenue from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Glen Clancy, Belmont’s director of community development and town engineer. This year’s program is funded by using $595,731 the town received in state Chapter 90 money and “cobbling” in funds left over from previous years appropriations.

The four streets selected are:

  • Blanchaud Road between Carleton Road and Washington Street
  • Louise Road between Concord Avenue and Becket Street
  • Pequossette Road between Oakley and Payson streets
  • Scott Road between Pleasant Street and Radcliffe Road

Clancy said reconstruction and paving will begin soon on the roadways with a possible completion before the construction season ends in late November.

In addition to the street repair and paving, vertical granite curbing will be installed on Goden Street from Concord Avenue to School Street. Calling the installation “a minor gesture,” Clancy said it’s still “fairly important” as the new curbing will deter drivers attempting to make U-turns on the street which requires vehicles to turn onto homeowner’s properties.

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  1. Thomas Curran says

    It was a tough year for all but it is nice to see the town will still get a few roads done. Continuing to chip away at the roads even at a smaller amount is better then doing nothing for a year or two. It’s showing a commitment still to the taxpayers

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