Don’t Be Like Kerry: Belmont Sidewalks Must be Cleared by 8 PM

After last week’s blizzard, Secretary of State John Kerry was fined $50 for failing to clear snow from the sidewalk on the side of his Beacon Hill home in Boston. And Boston Code Enforcement officers didn’t give the former Massachusetts senator a pass just because he was in Saudi Arabia during the storm. (He did “happily” pay the fine.)

And Belmont is about to follow Boston’s lead as town officials are putting out the message that residents have until tonight to clear their sidewalks. 

“The sidewalk snow removal bylaw grace period ends at 8 p.m. [Wednesday, Feb. 4]. Sidewalks MUST be cleared of snow in accordance with the bylaw…” said a message sent from the town’s web site. 

Belmont’s General Bylaws (Section 60-800I) require sidewalks to be cleared on paved public sidewalks adjacent to residential property and made safe for pedestrians by being clear of snow, slush and ice adjacent to their property to ensure safe pedestrian passage.

For enforcement information, residents call the Office of Community Development at 617-993-2664. Someone will then come by for a look see.

The snow removal bylaw was passed by a Special Town Meeting in November 2013. It is set to be expire on April, 30, 2016 unless reintroduced and approved at the 2016 Town Meeting. 

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