Concord Avenue Repair To Take A Bit Longer Than Expected

Photo: It’s a mess on Concord Avenue.

Monday’s commute via Concord Avenue was a “hurry-up-and-wait” experience as the surface of both sides of the main thoroughfare from Cambridge and Belmont High School to Belmont Center and points west were being ripped out, leaving a lunar landscape between Cottage Street and Common Street.

The reconstruction of the roadway, part of the annual Pavement Management Program, resulted in a monumental bottleneck this morning at the intersection of Goden Street where four lanes was reduced to two with many vehicles turning across both reduced traffic lanes.

And now it appears the work will take a bit longer than initially expected.


According to Town Engineer and Director of Community Development Glenn Clancy, contractor E.H. Perkins Construction informed him that the pulverization of the roadway “is slower than expected due to field conditions such as asphalt thickness and other factors.” 

Clancy said Perkins is aiming for the middle to the end of this week for it to put a surface “binder” on both sides of Concord Avenue and onto Cottage Street.

That time frame could be affected by a forecast of two days of heavy rain beginning Tuesday, Sept, 29, which will leave the surface too wet to apply the asphalt. 

Stay tuned.


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  1. Westie says

    Why is this town so poorly managed! Horrendous traffic, made significantly worse by poor planning of road construction projects at multiple locations, and none completed on time. Belmont center is a disgrace and will never be finished before the snow flies! BTW don’t forget your neck brace when driving throught the center!

    • Jim says

      Welcome to Belmont,. Start at Cushing Square where you can see how Incompetency on town government resulted in that enviable Cushing Village.

      Travel down Commin Street and lose a uncap, get to Said Cincord Ave. and onto that war zone of a town center….mismanaged? It brings new meaning to the word.

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