Coakley, Tolman, Ryan Takes Belmont’s Primary Vote

Belmont voters came out in stronger than expected numbers in the 2014 Massachusetts state party primaries held on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

The election saw one in four Belmont voters – 4,619 of the town’s 18,066 registered voters for 25.6 percent – come out to cast a ballot which is a higher percentage then in 2012 (21.1 percent) and 2010 (20.7 percent).

Belmont voters gave a big 1,500 vote boost to home-town candidate and winner Marian Ryan for the Democrat nomination for Middlesex District Attorney in a bruising campaign against Mike Sullivan.

And while voters did select Warren Tolman over eventual winner Maura Healey (who filmed a portion of her campaign commercial at the Grove Street basketball courts) in the Democrat Attorney General race, it was by a very narrow margin – by just about 300 votes – considering the candidate had a great deal of name recognition through his brother, Stephen, who was the town’s long-time state senator.

And the race for Democrat governor was as close in Belmont as it was statewide with Maratha Coakley slipping by Stephen Grossman, 39 percent to 35 percent – about a 150 vote margin – with Donald Berwick getting a better than expected 26 percent.

Here are the results:



Martha Coakley          1,547      39%

Steven Grossman       1,371      35%

Donald Berwick          1,008     26%

Lt. Governor 

Leland Cheung            1,694     55%

Stephen Kerrigan          930      30%

Michael Lake                  444      14%

Attorney General

Warren Tolman             2,094    53%

Maura Healey                1,819     46%


Deborah Goldberg         1,355     41%

Thomas Conroy                999      30%

Barry Finegold                  919      28%

Governor’s Councillor 

M.M. Petitto Devane      1,728    57%

Charlie Shapiro                1,316    43%

Middlesex District Attorney

Marian Ryan                     2,530    71%

Michael Sullivan               1,032    29%



Charles Baker                      483     82%

Mark Fisher                          105     18%

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